Preview: DAVID B – One Boat, Two Hearts

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A skilled mechanical tinkerer and a gifted naturalist/cook turn their combined talents to the restoration of an ancient salmon fisheries tug to carry passengers into Southeast Alaska’s coastal wilderness.

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13 Responses So Far to “DAVID B – One Boat, Two Hearts

  • Avatar

    Brent Williams says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. Such a beautiful vessel

  • Avatar

    Scott barnaby says:

    IN LOVE…..with both hearts of the boat! Shine on!

  • Avatar

    Gus Vans-Colina says:

    Just joined OCH blown away by the fantastic videos , just watched the one on Sanona in Tasmania , Ben is a friend and also the the David B .great stuff many thanks from an old “woodie”

  • Avatar

    steve johnson says:

    every moment filled with .. gee, everything any lover of wood,sea,travel,eating,designing could possibly dream up . I’ve viewed it twice now back to back,between boiling water for nettle tea and checking in on the morning mole/gopher spotting routine. If my Tug ever has a large screen video screen,I’d be tempted to keep this film story running non stop for on-going inspiration .

  • Avatar

    John Wickwire says:

    This is a great web site. I recently finished building a 19 foot Bartender and took it to our local wooden boat show. It was a lot of fun. Now it’s for sale.

    I’ve been reading this year’s “Small Boats” magazine and am looking to build a small sail boat. I have narrowed it down to a “Scamp” or a “Marsh Cat”.
    Does anyone have any experience with either of these to boats?

  • Avatar

    Douglas semivan says:

    Hi would like to know where to go for rates and availibility. My daughter and son-in-law live in Homer Ak. This would be such a nice visit.

  • Avatar

    Laurits Jorgensen says:

    David B is certainly a beautiful boat and it is obvious it has become their life’s work and joy. I believe I saw it in a Wooden Boat magazine some time ago.

    Does OCH ever look at interesting trends such as rescuing antique fiberglass sport fishing or crusing boats and refurbishing with new deck and cabin structures of wood or must vessels featured be all wood? Many people who love wooden boats are of an age where building a new wooden boat is not a rational thing to do, but refurbishing a sturdy existing hull that has most everything it needs is very doable for a lot less money. Not to mention less maintenance and more time on the water enjoying the boat.

    How about featuring such projects from time to time?

    L Jorgensen

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Hi Laurits. Yes, absolutely. It’s just a matter of finding the right project. OCH is not strickly wooden vessels only, and we look forward to doing more in classic glass hulls.

      • Avatar

        Laurits Jorgensen says:

        Hey, that’s great. I have been refurbishing a 1984 Robalo 2320 center console boat that I obtained for just over $4K. It came with two 200 HP Johnson outboards and a aluminum trailer. I am almost finished with it, if that can ever be said, and I now have a reliable boat that satisfies my wood addiction, all for a very reasonable amount of money and minimum annual maintenance. I would send you some before and after pics to illustrate what can be done, but I don’t know how to attach them to this message.

  • Avatar

    Mark Nowlan says:

    Now that would be a total blast!!! Beautiful job on that sweetheart….great folks doing something amazing. Look forward to a trip on that one!

  • Avatar

    Stephen Coy says:

    Wow, I am so great full to have stumbled onto your site. I have been boating since my childhood on the Hudson River with my father. I have always loved the outdoors and the water. I have restored multiple boats. Spending most of my time now retired and helping with family and grandchildren. Sailing and Camping on the water are our biggest family Adventures. Your site and videos gives me great pleasure connecting with people of the same interests and activities. I wish you all the best and hope your site continues to grow. SCoy


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