Preview: Des Townson’s SERENE, New Zealand’s Family-Friendly Cruiser/Racer

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We’re always on the lookout for a really big little family-friendly cruiser/racer (that’s not a typo), so naturally the massive little 26’ speedster SERENE caught our eye right off on last winter’s trip to New Zealand.

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9 Responses So Far to “Des Townson’s SERENE, New Zealand’s Family-Friendly Cruiser/Racer

  • Avatar

    peter strietmann says:

    I love the relationship the whole family shares in this boat!

  • Avatar

    Brian McCoy says:

    I cannot tell what the lines and bridles running from the mast to the cockpit are. They are lighter than the headsail sheets. Can you tell me what they are?

    • Avatar

      Milo Feinberg says:

      If we’re looking at the same thing, Brian, I think they’re running backstays. The backstays appear to run through a block which is attached to the shrouds with an elastic chord which pulls them forward when released. Nice arrangement, must keep them out of the way when not in use.

  • Avatar

    Neil Ferguson says:

    All Des Townson boats are easy on the eye and sail beautifully,

  • William Schleuse

    William Schleuse says:

    Great story. The “giant killer” aspect reminds me of the first time someone showed up in Galveston Bay for the HYC mid-winter with a Cal-24, and won her class on the cruising line with minutes to spare. Jensen’s 24 was a handy, light, fiberglass keel-centerboarder, a no-compromise design and a joy to sail. She was apparently too expensive to build, though, as the successor Cal 24-2 was simpler and not as attractive to most eyes.

  • Avatar


    It appears that Serene is running at about 12 knots at times, right?
    George V


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