Preview: How To Draw Good Boats, With Jerry Rose

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Drawing boats helps us see their shapes more clearly, so we invited Jerry Rose to show how he goes about it. Jerry’s known for his powerful, skillful, and evocative paintings of the Maine Coast and the Bahamas. He is also a total boat guy, a shipwright who has built a number of wooden boats for himself and others, a long distance sailor, and to this day a champion oarsman in both single and double skulls. We hope this introduction gets you started sketching boats. All you need it a pencil and some paper, after all. So next time you’re aboard at the mooring or at the dock, start putting a few lines down and see where you go with it.

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17 Responses So Far to “How To Draw Good Boats, With Jerry Rose

  • Avatar

    Vincent J mockensturm says:

    Not sure you will get this message since it was made awhile ago……..I have always drawn or attempted to sketch small wooden boats. I do not know why, it is something in my bones I suppose. I love wood and boats but I am not an artist. I happened across this video and it is most satisfying and of course, informative. Thank you sir for sharing your in-site. A blessing to me on a cool Wyoming morning.

  • Avatar

    Fred Schoenberger says:

    When building a half-hull model, I always start with the sheerline, bow and stern, just like Jerry described in his drawing lesson.

  • Avatar

    Edward Roxbury says:

    Well described for the beginning artist or any skill level trying to improve. I figured out what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve been trying to do it right handed all these years.

  • Avatar

    Mark Snyder says:

    I so enjoyed your sharing as I have been a boat lover all my life and drawing gives me peace and joy. I learned something valuable today. Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar

    David Helmin says:

    Thank you for the great insight into drawing boats

  • Avatar

    Hector MacNeil says:

    Thank you. It’s so generous of you to share your knowledge like this. Really, really interesting.

  • Avatar

    David Mowen says:

    When Jerry’s arm-length pencil scribed that familiar water flow hull curve, it sent a chill right down the spine. That experience that creates great boats is extraordinary when it flows out in art that stimulates vivid memories of our time on the water.

  • Herve Depow

    Herve Depow says:

    It is early morning and I watched this while lying in bed. Now, looking around our room I am seeing a variety of shapes and have a new awareness of how light and shadow blend upon their surfaces. Jerry is a wonderful instructor. Thank you once again.

  • Avatar

    Eric Roth says:

    Great video, very inspiring! I’m going to give Jerry’s WBS course a second look. Would love to see more videos like this one. Thx

  • Avatar

    Paul Shay says:

    Thank you Jerry, for patiently explaining boat drawing. I do have difficulty with dimensions and horizons. I use all mediums with water colors being my favorite. Sincerely, Robin Shay.

  • Avatar

    Wyatt Lawrence says:

    This is a real treat – thank you – very informative and encouraging.

  • Avatar

    Lance Lee says:


  • Avatar

    clay sanborn says:

    I enjoyed this very much. I hope you will do more videos explaining marine art.


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