Preview: Essential Boat Building Tools – Clamps

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A few helpful hints on getting the right clamps for your boat building shop from a master builder of wooden boats.

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6 Responses So Far to “Essential Boat Building Tools – Clamps

  • Avatar

    Craig Hohm says:

    cured epoxy can be hammered off a steel clamp quickly; use a ball peen

  • Avatar

    Patrick Walker says:

    Great video. Any thoughts on the newer plastic quick release clamps? They don’t look nearly as traditional, but I have found them useful for light clamping tasks where speed and ease of use are the primary desires. That said, every so often the bent wood wins and my little plastic clamp goes flying across the shop, often in pieces. – pjw

    • Avatar

      Harry Bryan says:

      I like the Irwin Quick Grip clamps as a third hand until I can get something more substantial substituted. Their downside is often the size and softness of their pads. (Hard to hook onto small things in restricted places).
      Ninety percent of our clamping is with 6″ or 12″ Jorgensen sliding bar clamps, often with the threaded point we add to the fixed pad.
      Swiveling pads seem like a good idea but are usually frustrating to use.

  • Avatar

    Charles Barclay says:

    Saran Wrap will prevent epoxy from curing on the tool. Neat shop.


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