Preview: A Good Boat, Up Close – The Spidsgatter PAX

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OCH Guide Kaci Cronkhite is a legend in the Northwest wooden boat scene.  A circumnavigator and long time director of the Port Townsend Wooden Boat festival, one would expect her personal boat to be a knockout, and it surely is. Join Eric Blake as he and Kaci take us through the fine points of her beautiful Spidsgatter, PAX.

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27 Responses So Far to “A Good Boat, Up Close – The Spidsgatter PAX

  • Avatar

    Lou Kimball says:

    A beautiful boat, clearly well loved and well sailed. What else does anyone need?

    • Avatar

      Thanks, Lou. I was just onboard today, winterizing. PAX still makes my heart pitter patter just walking down the dock toward her in the rain. Indeed. What else do we need?

    • Avatar

      Thanks much, Robert! I’m as smitten now as when I first spotted her. If you’re on Instagram, follow along with the latest bit or restoration–partial deck, spur beams, grown oak knees. I still pinch myself to have her in this community of boatbuilders.

  • Avatar

    Stewart Simpkins says:

    The piece about the Spidsgatter Pax is a fine example of what keeps me coming back.

    Stu Simpkins

  • Avatar

    John Wujack says:

    Hello Kaci, I love your Pax. Some time has passed since the last OCH entry. I sail my Stone Horse, Kittiwake, out of Poulsbo, Liberty Bay and will be attending this year’s, 2016 Wooden Boat Festival. Is Pax still in the Port Townsend/Puget Sound area? I’d love to see her. Kind Regards, John

    • Avatar

      Hi John.
      Great boat name! Yes indeed, Pax is still in Port Townsend. I’ll have her at the Festival, along with my new book about my 7 year search to find her 70 years of history in Denmark, Canada and California. Hope to meet you and by all means – yes – come aboard! I have a Facebook page called SPIDSGATTER PAX and will have the book at the Festival, too.

      Will watch for you if, by chance, I get to sail her to Poulsbo before the end of the month. Winds willing, of course.

  • Avatar

    Klavs Lyholmer says:

    It’s not that I want to nitpick, but the three spidsgatter class designers were, Aage Utzon (who was the father of Joern Utzon who later did the Sidney opera house), Marius Sofus Johannes Hansen (the perfectionist), and Georg Berg. Just for the record, Lyholmer, Denmark

  • Avatar

    Rick Robinson says:

    Another fine video that makes me want to get out on the water…or just be in and on my boat. Thanks Kaci, PAX and OCH for making such a fine video.

  • Avatar

    Eigil Rothe says:

    Beautiful. The fire turned out to be a great opportunity to create a wonderful interior layout. I used to spend my summers growing up in Denmark, near Humblebaek harbour. Lots of spidsgatter and folk boats. My father had an engine-less 6 meter.

    • Avatar

      Thanks so much Eigil. Of course, I wouldn’t wish a fire on anyone, but boy-oh-boy I agree. It gave me the chance to be creative in the space without the guilt or challenge of working around or taking out any of the original wood and craftsmanship. I am near Humblebaek right now.. meeting with spidsgatter people from the DAEFL on Tuesday night. The next best thing to Danish boats is my Danish friends. Love ’em both;)

  • Avatar

    karenlsullivan says:

    Great video, Kaci and OCH! Pax’s lovely lines and Bristol condition are going to be matched by the story you are writing, of the lives she’s touched in Europe, Canada and the US. Can’t wait to see it published and read it.

  • Avatar

    Clyde Davis says:

    Eye candy for me for years at Wooden Boat Festival, plus day trips by ferry to Port Townsend for lunches.

    Folks, see Paul Gartside’s 24 foot design #199 for instant addiction.

    Thanks much Kaci for this and the Festival! I go Fridays and Saturdays. See ya in September when I’ll ask permission to come aboard, then dream of a future build!

  • Avatar

    Livio Muench says:

    Thankyou Kaci for giving us a look at your beautiful craft. I Very much like your ethos, simplicity and grace, reflected in Pax. Her lines and interior make her very appealing little ship. What a truly interesting herstory.

    • Avatar

      Thank you Livio! I am forever grateful to the designer, boatbuilder, shipwrights and owners who’ve come before me. I’ve certainly tried my best to keep her beautiful and loved every minute of it. Happy to share her with the world via OCH.


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