Preview: A Good Boat Up Close, The Melonseed Skiff

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September 24, 2021

Descended from the rowing and sailing workboats on the Jersey shore in the 19th Century, the Melonseed Skiff has a long and proud history. They are speedy, handy, and remarkably stable in breezy, lumpy conditions. A perfect boat for spring, summer and fall conditions out on the bay.

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12 Responses So Far to “A Good Boat Up Close, The Melonseed Skiff

  • Avatar

    charles parker says:

    Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington NC had a wooden boat show last month… I went to it. They have a fabulous boatbuilding program… Simultaneously they were building a Seaford Skiff and a Melonseed.. Someone asked if the “skiff” was a good sailer… I mumbled YUP. The guy looked at me and I said—sailed em as a kid…. and smiled…..

  • Avatar

    Nathan Bayreuther says:

    Interesting conversation at the beginning about airline pilots and sailing. I’m the President of the Mariner Class Association (, and in the Association’s 55-year history, there have been 51 National Championships. A whopping fourteen (!) of them were won by a gentleman who first flew helicopters in Vietnam and then flew for American Airlines as a Senior Captain. (He also had eight second-place finishes.) His record is unlikely to be matched any time in the near future, and he largely attributed his success to his knowledge of wind currents based on being a pilot.

  • Avatar

    Andy Bullock says:

    I like her, but what is she like in a strong wind? She has a large sail plan combined with a relatively narrow hull with slack bilges. Is there any built-in bouyancy? I sail in Tasmania, where the winds can be gusty and sometimes savage.

    • Avatar

      Steve Brookman says:

      You can always reduce sail when needed and it has 2 sets of reef points. I’ve rarely used the deep 2nd reef and it was surprisingly docile in strong gusty conditions. Jibing in a strong breeze can be challenging.

      • Avatar

        Steve Brookman says:

        I opted for buoyancy bags in the bow and stern instead of built-in, easier maintenance.

  • Avatar

    charles parker says:

    like the seaford skiffs of the great south bay of long island;;;;;;no better boat to go messing around in……..


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