Preview: Good Story Paddle Boards – Built with Soul, Matthew Nienow’s Lyrical Watercraft

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These stand-up paddle boards are built to handle the waves with ship-like confidence and finesse.

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You can leave a comment or question for OCH and members below. Here are the comments so far…

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15 Responses So Far to “Good Story Paddle Boards – Built with Soul, Matthew Nienow’s Lyrical Watercraft

  • Avatar

    Bradford Preston says:

    What a great interview and video. It’s wonderful that you include less conventional projects like this. Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Mark Dumont says:

    Up here in Maine thinking about a spring project.
    Several family members would like a stable paddle board to take on lakes and ocean.
    How can I get the CNC cut frame kits from Matt?

    • Avatar

      Matthew Nienow says:

      Hi Mark. I appreciate your interest in a kit and have heard from many others who also want to build their own boards. I totally understand that drive, though I am not offering kits at this time. It may happen in the future, but for now, I’m only selling finished products. Cheers!

      • Avatar

        Mark Dumont says:

        Thanks for response Matt. Beautiful boards and craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing and thanks again OCH.

  • Avatar

    Ian Thomson says:

    Matt, you appear to have found yourself a sweet life. OCH, thanks for sharing it with us

  • Avatar

    John Hooge says:

    Lyrics in music is, of course, poetry. Matthew’s creative designs and craftsmanship combine balance, beauty and rhythm with logic in several ways. Those boards are beautiful, magical, musical.

  • Avatar

    carl prestipino says:

    At 65 yrs old, I know I can’t start over; but I can influence others (like my young daughter) to follow their dreams, and hopefully make a living at it. That’s why I love your website so much – it showcases beautiful alternate realities.

  • Avatar

    Michael Vaughan says:

    OCH does it again! A legendary bloke doing legendary things with knowledge, heart and soul. Eximious thank you!

  • Avatar

    John Wujack says:

    I love the blend of boat and board. Fantastic to see. Wish you the success you deserve. And to OCH, thanks for another glimpse as to why it’s frequently referred to as the Great Pacific Northwest.

  • Avatar

    Tony Arkwright says:

    I’ve enjoyed all OCH videos, there is no better way to start a day. This piece was inspirational as well as informative. Another reason to re-visit Pt. Townsend. Is is a Good Story.

  • Avatar

    Bill Saunders says:

    Matt was a classmate at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. I am not at all surprised that he has progressed to designing and building such beautiful paddle boards. He was always thinking and had creative ideas. Matt, I am very pleased at your success and ability and know that you will continue to do great work! Thank you also to Eric. I always enjoy your questions and commentary. Well done!

  • Avatar

    Chris Cournoyer says:

    So nice to see another beautifully done video focused on another Pt.Townsend builder. Matthew Neinow’s incredible work is so vividly brought to light by Eric’s knowledgable questioning and fellow builder’s sensitivity to each and every element of Matthew’s effort.
    As I head off to work on my own boat this morning, I again find myself inspired by OCH’s continuing capacity to document and demonstrate the art of watercraft. Thank you for doing it so very well.

  • Avatar

    Paul Cronin says:

    Very cool, thanks for finding Matthew and sharing some of his story and beautiful boards.

  • Avatar

    Steph Smith says:

    Really Beautiful really soulful ! I would love to build one of my own, however I cannot start another project. Another question is do I have the balance at 68 to run one of these?

    • Avatar

      Andy Reynolds says:

      Steph, Age should not be a bar to you for this pursuit. I got on a SUP for the first time a year ago, at 62, under the guidance of an experienced friend, and caught on and was loving it, in half an hour. A properly sized board is not very tippy feeling, and paddling a SUP is a terrific all-body exercise that will help keep you fit and in balance. Find a place to rent a SUP and go out on a nice day on calm water, with someone to help you get started and you’ll likely have a great time and want to continue. If not, well, you tried…


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