Preview: A Great Pacific Northwest Sailboat – SCAMP

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From the boating dreams of their son igniting the love of an old wooden boat . . .  to the creation of a magnificent and unique children’s book . . . Nikki McClure and J.T. Scott have created a full life worth sharing.


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14 Responses So Far to “A Great Pacific Northwest Sailboat – SCAMP

  • Avatar

    Robert Stephan says:

    Scamp is a beautiful boat and your personal stories add to the enjoyment of this video. The interior of your boat looks quite comfortable. May I ask what brand of heater you have installed on the bulkhead? Also, what is the fuel source ? Are you pleased with it? Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Nikki McClure says:

      Hello Robert
      Scamp has a Dickenson propane heater mounted on the bulkhead at the forward end of her Saloon. There is also an hydronic loop that runs under her sole and to a Reddot type blower in the hanging locker. of the two we prefer the hydronic loop from the engine but at anchor the propane heater is adequate. On the plus side it burns cleanly, if you ignore the CO2 emissions, and requires very little maintenance. The down side is that it has a limited BTU output and when the outdoor air temperature gets down into the 20s F it struggles to keep the cabin warm. Luckily here in the NW that is a rare occasion and we cruise year round.

  • Avatar

    Lou Kimball says:

    Beautiful boat, and I just ordered the book for my grandkids!

  • Avatar

    dave lathrop says:

    please pass on to Nickki… i saw your book somewhere and bought a copy to add to the library at a local school where i tutor… elementary kids… it is one of the more popular books that we read together… a whole new view of life for the kids… love the style you bring and this lovely story, even for kids who have often not even seen lake michigan which is all of 25 miles as the crow flies from school…

    • Avatar

      Nikki McClure says:

      Thanks Dave! Happy to hear that the kids like reading it.

  • Avatar

    Eugene Bellows says:

    Brought back memories of time spent sailing and working on our own boat Freya

  • Avatar

    William Mittendorf says:

    Built in Alameda, CA by whom? When? It has the clean simplicity of a Stone boat. Is it?

    • Avatar

      Nikki McClure says:

      Yes! Built at the Stone ship yard in Alameda, CA.
      She was the last boat that Lester Stone built for himself. She has a sister ship, Little Packet, whose home port is Port Townsend, WA.
      Scamp was launched in 1967. After Lester died, Jack Ehrhorn, took over ownership. Jack was the head shipwright at the Stone yard.

  • Avatar

    NancyD says:

    So impressed and touched that Nikki and JT recognize and value the gift of learning/education and passing on the love and legacy of sailing and wooden boats! Kudos to them!

  • Avatar

    James Thomas says:

    I kept a boat a few slips away from Scamp in Olympia where JT and Nikki live and she’s truly a beautiful and well loved boat and I often saw them taking kids out for learning sails. Nikki didn’t mention it, but she was also the artist for the Wooden Boat Festival’s poster a few years ago, one of the nicest I can remember and she produces a beautiful calendar that’s published each year.


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