Preview: HEART’S DESIRE, Part 1 – New Life for an Alden Schooner

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With a community’s help on Martha’s Vineyard and the tireless and skillful efforts of a young couple as they refit HEART’S DESIRE – new life for an Alden schooner.

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13 Responses So Far to “HEART’S DESIRE, Part 1 – New Life for an Alden Schooner

  • Avatar

    Ian Hancock says:

    Beautiful job in giving her a new lease of life, those old Aldens are pure bliss to sail!. I was lucky enough to sail on a bigger sister, Fearless, a Malababar 7 that Al Chipman had rescued and over the years rebuilt, from NZ to Noumea. Go far your guys.

  • Avatar

    Linda Austin-Morin says:

    Great story. Wonderful work. I would like to their process for applying the canvas to the cabin top

  • Avatar

    Tom Roderick says:

    Another wonderful tale of a dream, hard work, determination, and success.

  • Avatar

    Mark Ritter says:

    One word, WOW! An amazing undertaking and accomplishment. So often we hear about younger people not having drive and initiative. Thank you for sharing your stories and proving the naysayers wrong.

  • Avatar

    Ellen Massey Leonard says:

    Huge congrats to Matt and Jess on a job beautifully done! Lovely boat that you’ve lovingly restored. A lot of the work reminds me of restoring our first boat Heretic… definitely a long process, but well worth it. Looking forward to the next video!

  • Avatar

    Robert Hazard says:

    Great story! I used to get down to the Vineyard at least once a summer, and I would always stop to peek in the doors at G & B. It looked like a magic playground.

    Is this the same Heart’s Desire that used to live in Newburyport about 40 years ago?

  • Avatar

    Eigil Rothe says:

    Amazing accomplishment. Speaks volumes about the rare fix on what’s important in life as demonstrated by G&B. God love ’em. Just blown away by the accomplishment. I will look for her when next in MV.

  • Avatar

    alex lemon says:

    Fantastic! Would love to see more of this beautiful vessel.

  • Avatar

    michele del monaco says:

    Guys, you bring flashes of life in my routine!
    Great boat, great video, great story

  • Avatar

    Michael Naumann says:

    What a great surprise to see Matt and his friend Jessica happy and obviously very productive. It was Matt & Co. who built our sloop Here & Now at Gannon and Benjamin, for which we are eternally grateful. Clearly, Nat has the ability to attract the best shipwrights around – and Matt is a shining example where this can lead to. We only wished that this inspiring couple would sail up to Maine this coming summer so that we can share our joy and meet again …. Marie Warburg and Michael Naumann say hello!

  • Avatar

    Neil Martin says:

    Perfection. G+B allowed these folks to live. I live on cc and admire this story. Hold fast, sail on. Keep good friends close.


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