Preview: Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 2 – NGH’s Workshop with Halsey Herreshoff

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September 25, 2014

Halsey Herreshoff shows us  the tools and workshop where The Herreshoff legend was made.


Herreshoff Marine Museum Website

One Burnside Street, P.O. Box 450

Bristol, Rhode Island 02809-0450

Phone: (401) 253-5000


Herreshoff of Bristol, by Maynard Bray and Carlton Pinheiro

Capt. Nat Herreshoff: The Wizard of Bristol, by L. Francis Herreshoff

Don’t miss the fine article by Eric Sponberg in issue #54 (Aug/Sept 1998) of Professional Boatbuilder Magazine. Entitled “The Builder’s Model,” it begins on page 82. Having another naval architect’s weigh in on N.G. Herreshoff’s methods we think you’ll find interesting.

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10 Responses So Far to “Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 2 – NGH’s Workshop with Halsey Herreshoff

  • Avatar

    Pete Zizos says:

    Nice description and video of the use of the table, vise and Stanley planes. The tool guys might also like to know the names and model numbers of the lathes, vises and other machinery and tools used in the shop.

  • Avatar

    Robert Lawrence says:

    Is that a Master Mariners Certificate on the wall?

  • Avatar

    Edward DeLaune says:

    Great video!!! Lot’s of great information here.

  • Avatar

    Dean Wilson says:

    fascinating … would really like to get some of those half models… any idea where?.



  • Avatar

    Michael Tamulaites says:

    Hi guys. I’ve been spending some time watching videos. You have many videos with parts. I may be missing something but why would you not have a link to all the parts of a topic from each of the parts of the topic. For example, why not have a link to Herreshoff Marine Museum part 1 from this page Herreshoff Marine Museum part 2. Again, I’m probably missing something as you guys do such great work!

    • Avatar

      Mark Steffens says:

      The links to all five parts is located to the right side of an opened video in a frame called “Related Videos”.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    I can’t help but think of the Wright brothers and their accomplishments from modest beginnings when I think about the Herreshoff brothers. They were each scientific and enterprise geniuses and so very much of their successes depended on their genuinely collaborative manner with each other.

  • Avatar

    Peter Gossell says:

    Another great video! It is wonderful to document Captain Nat’s design process by someone who has had experience with it. Well done! I love the 5 cent Stanley planes.

  • Avatar

    Steph Smith says:

    Indeed the realization of a ship from the dreams of a model testify to the genius of Capt. Nat

  • Avatar

    Charles Barclay says:

    Glad to see Arion get her due.

    Watching HH go through the use of the planimeter brings more insight to the process. The feedback loop on the creative process he details at the end is priceless for the innovator.

    This is such a fine series, I look forward to Part 3.


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