Preview: Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 3 – In The Boat Hall: The Early Days

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To better understand the development of America’s premier yacht designer, join Maynard Bray and Eric Blake as they examine the Herreshoff Maritime Museum’s earliest boats.

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10 Responses So Far to “Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 3 – In The Boat Hall: The Early Days

  • Avatar

    Robert Grahamslaw says:

    Thanks, nice to see such important boats taken care of and maintained for the future lovers of wood boats.

  • Avatar

    Karl Seidenberg says:

    What happened to the HMM part 4 “Centennial” – BB25, Sadie, 12 1/2′?

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Next week Carl. You may have seen it sneak up temporarily as we were testing it.

  • Avatar

    Charles Barclay says:

    The premier historian and a master boat builder chewing on the beginnings of the legendary designer.

    The give and take in the conversation flows so nicely with Eric’s enthusiasm and motions playing off Maynard’s staid and encyclopedic knowledge. Eric almost stumps Maynard with how long did NGH own Clara–but since Old Guys Rule he answers–the fin-keelers were next!

    Merry Thought, a Barnegat Bay catboat from Tuckerton, was right behind Alice with sweet lines of her own, and looks like a candidate for restoration…can’t wait for Part 4.

    Great work OCH.

  • Avatar

    Mark Ritter says:

    Maynard and Eric thanks for another great video. I’ve made several visits to the museum. Thanks for the added insight.
    I’ve got a question. What species of wood was used for Clara’s decking? I’ve sat in her cockpit and admired it and always wondered what it was.

    • Avatar

      John Palmieri says:

      The deck installed by Taylor and Snediker is as originally designed white pine. The pine was supplied by Mystic Seaport (excess from the AMISTAD Project). Storm downed, first growth stock it could very well be that this stock began life at the same time as CLARA’s original decking.

      • Steve Stone

        Steve Stone says:

        Wow. Thanks John. So glad to have your first-hand expertise in this reply (FYI, John is with the Herreshoff Marine Museum).

  • Avatar

    John Palmieri says:

    Thanks for the time spent with ALICE and on the importance of retaining and displaying a “mess” such as ALICE as the means to understand how early vessels were built and modified through the years. Boats like ALICE take up a good amount of museum exhibit space and it is sometimes difficult justify the allocation.

    • Avatar

      Kent and Skipper says:

      Many thanks to the Museum for having ALICE out on display, and other boats that show the company’s manufacturing process. Much to learn from walking around “grey boats” in their natural state, before the restoration puts them back in Bristol condition. We also appreciate the smaller boats that are tucked into the nooks and crannies of the Museum, the roots and branches of the Herreshoff legacy.


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