Preview: Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 4 – In The Boat Hall: Classic Centennials

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Surely the most radiant jewels of the Herreshoff Marine Museum are the boats designed by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff in 1914. See exactly what has made them among the most beloved daysailers of all time.

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16 Responses So Far to “Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 4 – In The Boat Hall: Classic Centennials

  • John Holscher

    John Holscher says:

    This was a very interesting and informative series for anyone interested in learning about Captain Nat’s genius and insight into sailboat design and evolution.
    I didn’t catch any mention of the Fish class sloop which I understand was developed from the same half model as the 12 1/2 footer.. Where does the Fish fit in the evolutionary development of these smaller craft?

  • Avatar

    Alan Dowd says:

    The boats don’t seem to have extensive supporting cradles. There seems to be a few extra supports at bow and stern for some. How does the museum keep all the boats from sagging and loosing shape when stored dry? Are there humidity problems with the timber drying out?

  • Avatar

    Bruce Keefauver says:

    Thanks for the great (series) of videos and the recent posting of the Contest II photos and WoodenBoat reference! Well done.

    • Avatar

      Carolyn & Ron Pease says:

      Maynard,maynard,maynard Thank you for the comments on the Herreshoff L[ne of boatsL the photos are wonderful your comments are very interesting .and on this dark morning my brain has been filled with manufacturing,design and sailing of these boats are great. I am ready to face the world with the thought that summer is on its way and I can’t wait for boating time in friendship!!!!!!! Ron and Carolyn say keep it up!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar

    I am interested in the vessel from Bermuda. Maynard is there any more information about this boat and her designer? I am really interested in where the ” modern ” or what we now call “traditional” designs came from.

    • Avatar

      Maynard Bray says:

      I wrote about Contest II in WB #57, page 42, and at the bottom of that same page is her lines plan that Dave Dillion drew up for us based on measurements that Joel White and I took off the boat. I have more photos of Contest II that I’ll be posting soon.

      • David Tew

        David Tew says:

        Did you take Contest II’s lines after a passage to Bermuda on Northern Crown? I imagine Dave Dilion has passed away, but he was great to work with. I recall his part in the “Boats…Documentation” book. It’s a great resource, now available online::

        • Avatar

          Maynard Bray says:

          We measured Contest II and another Bermudan sloop named Gypsy on our first trip, made by air in early spring. The Northern Crown cruise to Bermuda came a year or two later. Dave Dillion was one of the very best draftsmen I’ve known. Not only was he extremely accurate, but his drawings were lovely to look at—nicer by far than most contemporary CAD work.

    • Avatar

      Maynard Bray says:

      Hi Haddie,
      Four more photos of CONTEST II are now posted in the Navigate Further portion of the video.

  • Avatar

    Ethan Heath says:

    This is very interesting. In part V, is there any chance you could discuss the Fishers Island 23 and 31, and the S Boat?

  • Avatar

    Scot Copeland says:

    The easy friendship and academic relationship between Maynard and Eric is palpable in these OCH videos, and I really like to witness that.

  • Avatar

    Raymond Morgan says:

    A joy, always a joy. Thank you both and camera person for sharing with all of us through out the year. All of your videos have inspired and taught us to want to be better sailers, and boat owners and to appreciate the wonderful world of wooden boats and the art of boat building, repair, and just looking , with smiles on our face and in our hearts. Thank you all. Happy New Year to all at OCH.


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