Preview: How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 2 – A Close Look at the Plans

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Watch a pro begin the boat building process — step one: pore over the plans.

NOTE: “Part 1” of this series is the video that takes a close look at the original boat (WHIO) in New Zealand that the AROHA design was taken from (with a few modifications). See the link in Related Videos to the right.

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13 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 2 – A Close Look at the Plans

  • Avatar

    keith glover says:

    I notice in the design details the displacement increases from 2755lbs to 3660lbs also the skeg and prop is altered has there been a redesign from original ? thank you

  • Avatar

    Bruce Mierke says:

    What is the clearance of the pilot house above the waterline? Thanks Bruce

  • Avatar

    Raymond D Reichart says:

    What engine is recommended for this boat plus drive and the added cost with fittings fuel tank?

  • Avatar

    John Stephen says:

    I’m sure you guys will give this beautiful lady justice, so good luck. Can’t wait to see progress.

  • Avatar

    Graham Hart says:

    Really looking forward to this adventure !

    Eric, just for your (and others) info. “Aroha” is pronounced “Arrow – Ha”; a beautiful Maori (“Maui” with an ‘r’) word. Quite different pronunciation to “Aloha”…… language; it’s a funny old thing.

  • Avatar

    Jerry McIntire says:

    A beautiful boat with plenty of waterline! I too would like to see an electric propulsion system as an option in the plans.

    • Avatar

      Andrew Frazer says:

      Im contemplating exactly that at the moment.

  • Avatar

    William Stanard says:

    Wouldn’t L. Francis love this way of sharing the fun of building a new design! Thanks, OCH…

  • Avatar

    Jon Baldock says:

    This is going to be interesting ! excited to to follow the upcoming development . Thanks Jon Baldock


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