Preview: How to Build a Beautiful Skiff, Part 8 – The Transom

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Gluing-up and fairing the cedar boards that comprise the transom, and then mounting it, is the task at hand as the Beautiful Skiff begins to take shape.

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14 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Beautiful Skiff, Part 8 – The Transom

  • Avatar

    Geoffrey Adams says:

    Wow another great video and another great boat! The plan set isvery good but I personally would have liked to see a little more detail in the jig for setting up the transom on the building frame. There aren’t a lot of clear views of it in the video and trying to stop it at just the right spot for a screen shot is harder than it sounds. But all that aside I’m giving it my best shot and hoping it’ll all turn out good. Can hardly wait to row it around my little area of the St. Andrews bay here in the Florida panhandle. Good job fellas, thanks.

    Geoff Adams

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Thanks for the input on the plans Geoff. We’re confident that you’ll get it just right with a little study.

  • Avatar

    Mike Justice says:

    Got to love Eric’s winding sticks he used on each end of the transom to see if it was warped, cupped, etc.

  • Avatar

    Andrew MacGinitie says:

    I’m curious about the beautiful green sailboat in the background. Thanks for these videos, I hope to try building a boat at some point.

  • Avatar

    Michael Krauthamer says:

    Any thoughts about when plans will be available?

  • Avatar

    jim hilty says:

    Maybe I don’t know quite yet how to maneuver through this site, but I think the kids have launched the skiff, obviously completed. Are there episodes 9, 10, etc. and if so, where are they?

    • Avatar

      Ian Hendrie says:

      I am confident there will be fill in episodes, Jim. It’s a style of the site. All comes to those who wait. Wish they offered an RSS feed to tell us when something has been added rather than having to check in to see. But I guess I am at the impatient end for the schmee of OFF CENTER HARBOR.
      Still it’s worth the wait. I’ve been promised no cat videos.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Soon, Jim. Soon. There’s a lag between real time and when the videos are edited and ready for release, and we like to keep a bit of variety coming your way.

  • Avatar

    Craig Stevenson says:

    Great series Eric. I wish that I would have had such an opportunity as a kid. I am eager to see the rest of the build.

  • Avatar

    Kenneth Emmes says:

    Eric, have enjoyed many of the videos. I am a boat nut for many years and enjoy many of the designs in the background of your video. So what is the green one in the background of the Skiff Transom video, Ken

  • Avatar

    Art Plewka says:

    Really enjoying yet another great series but I need to ask if you could use marine plywood if you don’t have a good wood source. If so, what sizes?

  • Avatar

    David Mowen says:

    It’s laudable that you take part of your day to broaden the outlook of those kids.
    An enticing discovery into solid geometry.

  • Avatar

    William McCaffrey says:

    A good scrub plane would replace the need for a power plane – cheaper, quieter, cleaner – and great exercise. Did you use quartersawn boards or did you alternate cupped grain patterns to limit warping?


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