Preview: How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 13 – Shaping the Stern, Stem, and Chine Lines

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Eric walks us through some of the important hull lines that create the look of this beautiful boat.


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3 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 13 – Shaping the Stern, Stem, and Chine Lines

  • Doug Hermann

    Doug Hermann says:

    Fascinating insight, the detailed (almost obsessive) attention to the subtle design elements and how they all come together. Mesmerizing! Well done Eric (and your extended team).

  • Avatar

    Jennifer Read says:

    I really appreciate the detail of information on this procedure by Eric. I will be replacing the outer face on a Penobscot 14 – one of the middle laminations rotted (?) and I have to figure how to do this on a right side up hull on a trailer. The fairing of the interfaces and the working from a centre line are gems of information. Maybe I can do this! Thank you!


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