Preview: How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 15 – Outer Keel & Skeg Assembly

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In Part 15 of the Aroha series, we see how the outer skeg and keel assembly is mounted.



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6 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 15 – Outer Keel & Skeg Assembly

  • Timm Schleiff

    Timm Schleiff says:

    Although the work is very nicely done, it seems like asking for trouble to laminate this much solid wood, fiberglass it, and expect it to last. Inevitably the wood will take on some moisture somehow and swell enough to to tear the glass, right? Has anyone else had that thought? Any ideas on other ways to build this part of the boat to address the issue? It seems like a really big timber for such a light boat too.

  • Avatar

    Philip Myer says:

    Great series Eric- just that I would have hoped each episode would be longer.

  • Avatar

    Simon Houlder says:

    Are these videos going to be available for my boat builder to reference when I purchase the kit in the UK? If they were all on a memory stick that could be referenced on the yard PC or a laptop that would be a neat way to help with the realisation of a not inconsiderable investment…

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Hi Simon. All the videos are available 24/7/365 worldwide here on the web. We don’t offer downloads but your builder can access them anywhere there is internet service. I’ve heard quite a few builders who have an iPad or tablet of some sort in the shop for easy access as they build.

  • Avatar

    Jay Knight says:

    This is the most fascinating build yet on OCH. I am excited to see the boat evolve and definitely want more coverage of this build. So many techniques demonstrated and explained in a manner we nonprofessional boat builders can grasp. Understand the boat has been launched, I surely hope there many more longer videos on this build “in the can”.

  • Avatar

    Olav Thyvold says:

    Got to say I’m disappointed by this brief video. After 3 months of waiting we get a 5 minute video? Although Eric’s commentary is usually great this felt a little rushed and way way too short. I really hope the videos improve. Sorry to be a downer.


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