Preview: How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 19 – Coamings and Cabin House Sides & Top

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Eric walks us through the making of the coamings, cabin house sides, and cabin house top, and how these complex shapes connect to one another.

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17 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 19 – Coamings and Cabin House Sides & Top

  • Avatar

    Bob Barnett says:

    I am curious. At 5:55 I see voids in the plywood deck. This surprised me. Are you not using BS1088 plywood for deck sections.

  • Avatar

    Kit Laughlin says:

    “Don’t over analyse it; don’t overthink it.” Wisdom right there. And brilliant, practical, explanations. Superb work, Eric: sincere thanks.

  • Avatar

    Dave Dickmeyer says:

    Just a wonderful job so far. Giving those kudos to one of his team members shows signs of a great leader. I thank Eric and the team for this great video!

  • Avatar

    Dave Johnson says:

    I am a firm believer in glue lam construction. Breaking expensive pieces of wood by making a tight turn never made sense to me. Is it possible to create a video detailing the process to make a scarf joiint wirh a shoulder?

  • andrew donald

    andrew donald says:

    Eric, did you have any probs matching 3x4mm ply to 2x6mm ?? One of the other guys building one did and he said that he’d go 4mm all the way, doing it a second time.

  • Charlie Nichols

    Charlie Nichols says:

    Master class on how to torture plywood! Great demos of lap and scarf joint, as well as making cured panels – WELL DONE!!!!!

  • Avatar

    Larry Cheek says:

    This video depicts a hugely complex, intimidating, bewildering process, but Eric breaks it into understandable steps. Towards the end, I felt like I might actually be able to do it. Not as efficiently nor with the finesse Eric exhibits, but still—get it done! This is a wonderful and valuable video with applications to all aspects of boatbuilding, not just the exotic house/coaming curves of AROHA.

    And for those 99 percent of us without Eric’s native talent—we can still take heart.

    A few years ago I was hanging out intermittently for a year at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding to write a story on the school for WoodenBoat magazine. Observing obvious differences in raw talent among the 50-odd students, I asked one of the instructors how much he thought talent had to do with one’s ultimate success. He paused thoughtfully and finally said, “Some. But a lot of what constitutes talent is just learning to pay attention.”

  • Avatar

    Philip Myer says:

    Nothing like the strength of a curved complex structure under tension with the bare minimum of material- beautifully explained Eric.

  • Avatar

    Jeffrey Beatty says:

    Intimidating and encouraging at the same time!

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Excellent. And everyone needs an Andy so well done giving him credit.

  • Avatar

    GEORGE Ireland says:

    I was the former captain of the America the second addition built by Gowdy and Stevens in Maine. I wish I had ERIC with me when the America dragged anchor in Charleston Harbor and hit the degaussing range buoy. Fortunately it hit just above the newly gold leafed Eagle on the stern. Well enough of me. ERIC, I am fascinated by your skills and your ability to explain everything you’re doing in precise detail. My hat is off to you. It is so great to see that are wonderful seafaring abilities have not gone by the wayside. They are still alive in Brooklin Maine thanks to you and your crew. I cannot praise and your crew you enough. Thank you so much for this delightful video. Captain GEORGE IRELAND

  • Avatar

    Mike McAllister says:

    Thank you again for another great tutorial on the building of the AROHA!! Eric has a way of explaining the building process that is easy to follow. I like the way he shows us the fine details where it gets to the tricky parts. For me, it pretty much all tricky parts. Thanks again!!


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