Preview: How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 20 – Floors, Sole, & Bilge

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Eric walks us through the process of laying out and then beginning to build the interior of AROHA.


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One Response So Far to “How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 20 – Floors, Sole, & Bilge

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    Lars Maaseidvaag says:

    Thank you for these great videos and such a wonderful design – the classic lines and modern construction are amazing. A question for Peter as the Beta Marine engine made an appearance in this video. I have access to a Sabb type G, 10hp single cylinder diesel. In keeping with the comment that “if you don’t have it, it can’t go wrong”, the Sabb excels in that regard, forgoing all things electric (it has a starter motor and alternator, but doesn’t need them to start and run) and doesn’t even have an oil pump.

    Based on your fuel economy numbers, it looks like you’re using about 14 horsepower to go 7.5 knots. If I have that right, then perhaps the 10hp from the Sabb might only make 5 or 6 knots. A second copy of the same motor currently returns a maximum of 5 knots, with the variable pitch twin-blade propeller, in a 58-year-old Norwegian Snekke of 23 ft, 7.5 ft beam. The clinker-built hull is a study in drag, with various copper plate patches and an endless number of copper nail heads, so the water is certainly not given a smooth path around the hull.

    The Beta Marine engine is just about perfect, but the Sabb is free. Any thoughts on using such and underpowered engine?



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