Preview: How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 5 – Laminating Parts in Advance

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Laminating parts and pieces demonstrates critical boat building skills in the modern era.


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21 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 5 – Laminating Parts in Advance

  • Avatar

    Robert says:

    Whew, these are exhaustive! Thanks for sharing your process and insights

  • Avatar

    Mark Lo Schiavo says:

    The mathematicians needn’t be concerned about 90% plus 90%. Eric has just approximated, we do it a lot. Here in Aus we explain that we build two boats and sand them back to one…

  • Avatar

    William Foster says:

    Excellent video!
    Any spring back problems with DougFir at these dimensions?
    Any thoughts on pre-beveling the beam/deck face? I assume final adjustments would need to be after assembly.
    B. Foster

  • Avatar

    David Badion says:

    I finished making laminating brackets and broke out the Mylars. In the video Eric talks about using 1/2″ x 1 -1./2″ D. Fir for the deck beams. In my plans it calls out 1-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ Western Red Cedar. Am I missing something? An updated BOM would be very helpful.

    • Avatar

      Maynard Bray says:

      The 1-1/4″ x 2-1/2″ size specified on the drawing is for the finished cross-section of the beams. Because Eric chose to laminate his beams out of 1/2″-thick stock, he used slightly wider strips (1-1/2″) to allow for finishing after the stack of 1/2″ layers had been glued together and cured.

  • Avatar

    Thomas Rodes says:

    Pre-finish to avoid “hanging by my beltloop upside down in the boat” — been there. Nothing like well conceived plans.

  • Avatar

    David Badion says:

    I’m still saving for the kit, but after watching the video I have started building laminating brackets and will start making beams. Thanks Eric, very engaging as usual.

  • Avatar

    Julia Graves says:

    Eric said it in a way that kept my mind going with only one strong cup of coffee and I was amazed at the useful steps he demonstrated! What a master talker and his hands are incredible. I chuckled at the 90% of boat building is clamping stuff and the other 90% is sanding. What a huge amount of information and guidance in this one #5 video. I need to see it again and the rest of the videos. Super reminder whether your building a boat or sewing a creation… double check even if you’re using all the correct steps and measurements. Love the trusting your eye emphasis! Thank you OCH for this incredible video.

  • Avatar

    Dave Dickmeyer says:

    Thank you and the team for doing these videos. I just sat down and binged watched the first five.I can hardly wait for the full length feature film to come out! Even if it was five hours long (and I had enough popcorn and beer), I could sit through the whole thing in one session! You guys just make the best and most informative videos ever!
    I can hardly wait for the next installment.
    Be well!

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Is the boat being built in the old Odd Fellows Hall (if that’s what it is at the top of the hill?)

  • Avatar

    Benjamin Courant says:

    Skip Etchels taught me years ago the eye and the hand use in fairing a curve are the best tools you have

    • Avatar

      Michael Seibert says:

      Ben – As you probably know, Skip Etchells built a number of Lightnings in the 1950s that won a lot of races. In 2011, I bought Etchells Lightning # 6343, which was built in 1956. It was an ugly ducking and needed repair, but, after 15 months of work, it was ready to launch and is still in great shape today. It is a beautifully fair boat that is surprisingly competitive after all these years. As you can guess, I am a big fan of Skip Etchells, and I expect that being taught boat building skills by him must have been a great experience.

  • Avatar

    Rich Dodson says:

    Thanks Eric! Great instruction for boatbuilding and woodworking in general! Pre-finishing at a bench is always easier for me too.

  • Avatar

    Jay Knight says:

    So glad to see this build progressing. Interesting design, looking forward to seeing the propeller design.

  • Avatar

    Michael Vaughan says:

    Whoa! I reckon Eric has had just the right amount of coffee. A fabulous video jam-packed with useful information. Wonderful thank you
    Eximious work.

  • Avatar

    Robert Ford says:

    Whoa! This video started off with me wondering whether I had drunk too much coffee or whether Eric had drunk too much coffee. Anyway, glad to see that the videos are starting to roll out now!

  • Avatar

    Glenn Holland says:

    Got it figured out. 90% of boat building is clamping stuff. The other 90% is sanding. Good video.


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