Preview: How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 8 – Setting Up the Molds

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Setting up AROHA’s molds and then making sure they are straight and level is a crucial challenge at the start of the project.

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8 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Wooden Boat – AROHA, Part 8 – Setting Up the Molds

  • Avatar

    Dennis Dunn says:

    Question: I understand that you coat your deck beams with epoxy and varnish, but I recall one Brooklyn Boatyard video suggesting that this might cause maintenance problems when you need to strip the varnish using a heat gun. Could you please clarify? Thanks.

    • Avatar

      Andy Hecker says:

      The heat gun, if used, will soften the epoxy layer as well as the varnish.

  • Avatar

    Steve DRAKE says:

    Nicely put together thank you very informative and consolidates some of my previous experience. Again thanks.

  • Avatar

    Don Hall says:

    I appreciate the tips you have for solo builders. I was wondering how I was going to get the keelson by myself.

    • andrew donald

      andrew donald says:

      He says near end of video to do one strake at a time if your solo

  • Avatar

    Philip Myer says:

    Great presentation and descriptions Eric- thank you.

  • Doug Hermann

    Doug Hermann says:

    The scale of this build is remarkably larger in real life versus watching videos. Quite a scale up from the little Oonagh some of us are building, Would enjoy knowing and following anyone building this at home.

    Keep the videos coming!


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