Preview: The Hvalsoe 16 – Little Shell and Big Wave Dave Attempt the Salish 100

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A beautiful story of how a community honors a father and the spirit of a daughter that fulfills her father’s dream in a Hvalsoe 16.

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16 Responses So Far to “The Hvalsoe 16 – Little Shell and Big Wave Dave Attempt the Salish 100

  • Avatar

    bilal hito says:

    Love this! Every minute was precious, didn’t want it to end – thanks for sharing. God bless 🙏🏻

  • Avatar

    Clint Chase says:

    What a great story, proving again that boats are really about people and places.

  • Avatar

    Burke Horner says:

    I can’t think of a nicer way to honor one’s passed father by banding with his friends of sailing and building a beautiful mobile tribute to his memory, It was a heartfelt way of completing a task with an aura of what and who he loved most, his family!

  • Avatar

    Joseph Wl Haley III says:

    I love you and the boat. But too old for either. But thanks for the sail on site.

  • Avatar

    Ralph Bell says:

    A wonderful story and I especially liked the detail shown during the construction of the boat, a hats off to all the volunteers and woodworkers who worked on the boat.

  • Drew Britten

    Drew Britten says:

    Wonderful video! I had the pleasure of meeting Shelby at the Port Townsend Pocket-Palooza, just days after she finished the Salish 100 in Big Wave Dave. A wonderful young woman and quite patient with all my questions about the boat and her journey. The Center for Wooden Boats is lucky to have her! I also lost my father just before turning 30, so this story is especially poignant for me.

  • Avatar

    Steve Steelman says:


    If there was anything in that short film that was not absolutely beautiful, praise be to God, I missed it.

  • Avatar

    Robert Kunzig says:

    That has to be the best way to remember and “feel” your dad. Wonderful job to one and all making a beautiful boat. Very best wishes to you and your mom – R

  • Avatar

    Tim Langley says:

    Thank you Shelby for so beautifully opening your heart to us. It is inspiring to reflect on the qualities of your father that evokes such love from a daughter and enthusiasm from friends. Your boat is a worthy showcase for Eric Hvalsoe’s art, and the video, another reminder of the juice in keeping life simple. Go well.

  • Avatar

    David Menely says:

    This is a beautiful story in every way. I think you have done your father proud.

  • Avatar

    Arthur Winer says:

    Warms the heart to hear a story like this one. Congratulations to Shelby for her perseverance and spirit and for the way she chose to honor her Dad.


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