Inger Rankins’ Seventy48 Race, Rowing 70 Miles in a PT11 Dinghy

October 10, 2018

70 miles in an 11 foot dinghy… Are you KIDDING me? Racing against teams of rowers? Inger Rankins will give you new perspective on the word “daunting”.

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Inger and Sean Rankins run Northwest Sails and Canvas — a custom sail and canvas business in Port Hadlock, Washington.

The boat that Inger rows, the PT11 (a nesting dinghy and agile little sailboat),  is available as a kit, designed and sold by PT Watercraft.

2018 was the first running of the Seventy48, which is a feeder race for the Race to Alaska (R2AK).

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23 Responses So Far to “Inger Rankins’ Seventy48 Race, Rowing 70 Miles in a PT11 Dinghy”:

  1. Avatar Peter North says:

    I have a 9′ Nutshell and a 12′ Monfort Whitehall. I’m not happy with how the Nutshell rows, much as I admire Joel White. I’ve been thinking about selling the Nutshell and building a Mirror dinghy but I wonder if I would be happier with a PT11?

  2. Avatar Ahoi Mench says:

    Inger is our friend and we are so very proud of her. We both wept as we watched this interview, a joyous and deeply felt weeping flooding through us. And Russell! What a guy.

  3. Avatar Robert Stumm says:

    Well done Inger. A truly inspirational effort. You are well justified in feeling proud. Congratulations. And thank you OCH, for another wonderful video.

  4. Avatar Geoffrey Berger says:

    Simply awesome, and inspiring. Congratulations Inger!

  5. Avatar Bertram Levy says:

    Our local hero in the Port, she bicycles everywhere in this hilly town as well. She sets the bar for stamina and determination!

  6. Avatar Stephen McClure says:

    Wow! Envisioning, planning, training, and execution – all very impressive.
    Congratulations Ms. Rankin. I am curious to know what equipment you carried or
    wore to improve your chances of surviving the worst case scenario you mentioned – ending
    up in the water. A great video and an inspiring adventure.

  7. Avatar Sean Scully says:

    Incredible! I wouldn’t think of rowing that far in the dark, in a 11ft dingy. Crazy good job!

  8. Avatar randall spurr says:

    A very charming video and an amazing performance from Inger, it brought tears to my eyes!

  9. Avatar Keith Wiig says:

    What an incredible achievement. Rowing through the night on your own is a very tough assignment. Hearty congratulations.

  10. Avatar John Doyle says:

    Congratulations, Ms. Rankin. The happiness of the voyage just shines all over you in this video. Obviously a winner’s smile. The joyous narrative of accomplishment never mentioned competition as a factor. I don’t care who “won” anyway. Lady, you are too cool.
    Thank you so much,

    John D

  11. Avatar Glenn Williams says:

    Sensational effort Inger. Congratulations from down under!

  12. Avatar Paul D'Aura says:

    How long did it take her? Was she in the lead at any time?

  13. Avatar Larry Cheek says:

    Inger, we are in awe. Your indefatigable rowing is as impressive as your everlasting sail covers and cushions!

  14. Avatar DOUGLAS SMITH says:

    Congratulations Inger! Fantastic job! And a great video, too.

  15. Avatar William Hammond says:

    Hero is right!! Wow!! What an accomplishment!! ‘Moving so fast, it must be a powerboat!’ What a compliment!! Incredible!!

  16. Avatar Arthur Winer says:

    Inger, you are an inspiration. Congratulations!

  17. Avatar John Wujack says:

    Wow! Very impressive. Congrats on your effort.

  18. Avatar Dave Dickmeyer says:

    All of the above…and more! Great video. Thanks.

  19. Avatar Anthony Caruana says:

    Great video. Inger Rankins, you rock. Well done.

  20. Avatar Jan Novie says:

    Wonderful video in every respect. Inger and her sweet little boat selection were a perfect match for their daunting rowing challenge.

  21. Avatar Michael Jolicoeur says:

    Clever design, brilliant performance.

  22. Avatar Henrique van Deursen says:

    What a strong and gentle she might be example for how to achieve yours goals…
    Congratulations for the video!

  23. Avatar Burton Blais says:

    What a lady! What a boat! Congratulations.

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