Preview: Installing Floor Timbers in a Wooden Boat, Part 3 – Fastening with Drift Pins & Screws

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Fastening the newly shaped piece of oak with drift pins to the keel, frames and planks is the final step of installing floor timbers in a wooden boat.

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9 Responses So Far to “Installing Floor Timbers in a Wooden Boat, Part 3 – Fastening with Drift Pins & Screws

  • Avatar

    Scott Caple says:

    Installed and primed! Waht was used for the priming?
    Good work!

  • Avatar

    Eric Child says:

    I feel like at a wooden boat school watching these videos… thank you…!

  • Avatar

    michael claus says:

    i am building a joel white having difficulty finding a source for ballast keel.any suggestions?

  • Avatar

    Liam Honeychurch says:

    What bronze is being used here in order to beat a head on them?

  • Avatar

    David Hubbard says:

    Great explanations of the reasoning behind the methods! Why the choice of drifts vs bolts?

    • Avatar

      Peter Buxton says:

      Drift pins are considered perfectly acceptable for this type of construction, they will hold as good as a bolt. Tho as I’ve said in another response, if there were a ballast keel involved I would opt for the bolts, just because of the twisting stresses that a ballast keel places on the backbone.

  • Avatar

    David Bishop says:

    ENORMOUS job for one man! Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, very zen! Great videos, humble guy,love it!

  • Avatar

    Michael Jones says:

    Why no bedding of any kind? We would have painted the timber (with red lead when it was available) and then used a bedding compound between the wood to wood surfaces. Maybe it is more important in the south.


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