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Preview: It’s All in the Details – Aboard SEAGOIN

January 25, 2013

SEAGOIN, a snug cruiser from the Thirties caught Eric Blake’s eye last fall at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat show.  Come along as he points out her beguiling details fashioned by auto workers laid off in the midst of the Great Depression.

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– [Voiceover] We brought you today to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Of all wooden boat meccas, it’s the place to be in early September.

– This is my favorite boat of the festival. It is a little cabin cruiser. The cool story about this boat is that it was built in 1938 in Detroit by some laid-off auto-makers. And the hardware that you see on this thing is just spectacular. We’re gonna go aboard and take you stem to stern here and look at some of the details. Check this out: starting out on the end of the bowsprit with the crance iron coming back to this beautiful, removable, inner four state fitting that goes through the stem-head detail that has these tangs for fairleads for the dock lines nicely rounded on the inside but just beautiful pieces of hardware. Coming back; nice ventilation; samson post; and then check out this little hatch; all in white oak. You can see this size of this thing. It’s just an aesthetic detail that is just perfect. Simple; beautiful; a lot of great detail on this boat. All these port lights are cast with this little spigot in the bottom for water to run out so water wouldn’t sit in those port lights right down the house side. The running lights are mounted right on the side rails of the companionway. The cockpit is just a beautiful little foot well. No combing, just a big open aft deck; with this beautiful locus cleat that you run the sheet to either side. Just some spectacular metal work on this and no doubt that it was designed and built by some auto-makers in Detroit in the 1930’s. Little mainsheet bail out of bronze with stops. Boomkin goes into the socket of the rudder head casting with a nice reverse curve to cranse iron just like the bow spread. Just some beautiful metal work. Bronze work unlike any I’ve ever seen. The guard comes down the hull with this bronze half-oval right into these bronze cast drops that receive the diagonals to support the boomkin. Just some really nice detailing. An open taft rail. Cleats on the back of the house; simple. Seagoin is a spectacular boat, but one of many. I mean, look at this scene. This is eye-candy everywhere here in Port Townsend.



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