Preview: Jack Stone’s Senior Project

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My son Jack chose to build a boat for his senior project in high school, and here’s a video we made for his presentation to the faculty. I was surprised by all the language and knowledge he picked up over the first few weeks of the project, none of which he had just a few weeks before. There’s a lot to be said for experiential learning (although he still needs some help on how to keep the rest of the family from messing up the shop space):

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30 Responses So Far to “Jack Stone’s Senior Project

  • Avatar

    charles parker says:

    Holy Smoke….We all have watched videos after videos but Jack’s is the most relaxed, informative one I have ever watched…..As a Dad and Grandfather, boy o boy, we all here Off Center friends applaud Jack and Dad. What a wonderful young man…

  • Avatar

    Karl Gude says:

    Such a wonderful project! Will we get to see the finished boat?

  • Avatar

    John Stephen says:

    Good job Jack. You seem like a fine young man and feel you’ll go a long way in this world.

  • Avatar

    Jim Boyer says:

    Congratulations–looking forward to seeing the finished boat. Hopefully it was well received by your school (or is this the year you graduate, i.e. 2021?). I’m hopefully going to show your video to my woodshop class!

  • Avatar

    peter pride says:

    Great Job. My first two boats were built with my Dad. A sailfish sailboat and a Pumpkin seed 8′ hydroplane. They are some of my fondest memories of my father.

  • Avatar

    Reiner Gudd says:

    Well done Jack, great Video and good to see skills getting past onto the next generation. Hope to see more of you and your boat.

  • Avatar

    Joy says:

    Fantastic video Jack. You explain everything you are doing with such clarity. I am looking forward to seeing your finished boat and how much fun you have with in on the water. Well done!

  • Avatar

    Alden Reed says:

    Jack: My dad, brother and I built a Squirt during the Winter of 1968 and painted the hull purple. There were no epoxies in those days and I remember fastening the boat together with either brass or silicon bronze wood screws using a Yankee screwdriver. The boat was very fun with a 10 hp and more of a blast with a 20 hp Merc. In your boat, it appears additional longitudinal floor framing on either side of the keel has been added – which is a good thing since that forward frame and bottom area take a lot of stress due to waves. We sat on boat cushions on the inner bottom plywood. The boat was used for a number of summers in the protected waters of Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

  • Avatar

    Edward Roxbury says:

    Fantastic!! Looking forward to more videos on the build. It’s nice to see a young person build anything that’s not a gaming computer.

  • Avatar

    Douglas Henschen says:

    Hope there’s a part 2 and we get to see you zipping around Center Harbor!

  • Avatar

    Rik van der Vaart says:

    Cant wait to see that thing on the water… Asum project.

  • Avatar

    John Manring says:

    While I totally get the adolescent need for speed, seeing the bikes in the garage and the Head of the Charles T-shirt, one can hope that his future boatbuilding projects won’t serve to add to our poor planet’s atmospheric burden. That brief sermon over, this was a gorgeous video on details essential to boat building that few of us get to see!

  • Avatar

    Philip Myer says:

    Wonderful, Son in control with Father watching.

  • Avatar

    Clint Williamson says:

    Nice work, Jack, keep it up. I like the Crocs ‘n socks. 😎

    • Avatar

      John Bouton says:

      Great work, Jack! I teach English in a NH boarding school that prizes experiential learning and features senior projects, so I’ve seen a lot of videos like these — I found yours particularly instructive and coherently narrated. Thanks for sharing your process and enjoy your time on the water!

  • Avatar

    Larry Cheek says:

    I think we’re seeing the plywood/epoxy version of Leo Goolden in his formative years here. Very auspicious!

  • Avatar

    Michael Regan says:

    I have watched many videos on boat building, this is the first I have left a message on.
    Its great to see your enthusiasm on this build, I have a feeling there are going to be many more projects in the future. Look forward to seeing your progress in the next video.
    Keep up the great work. Regards, Mike, Australia.

  • Avatar

    Robert (Bob) Godfrey says:

    Terrific! This project will stay with you the rest of your life …….. nice work!

    • Avatar

      John Gilmartin says:

      Cool boat, Excellent video. What a blast this will be to pilot. I’m guessing the 10hp will be quite a ride, I hope you work the bugs out on that power first. Then with the 20, hang on folks.
      I can imagine this video being one of your treasures in the future. Congratulations to you and your Dad, John Gilmartin

  • Avatar

    Harold Wheeler says:

    Thanks, the work you all do keeps it alive. Can’t thank you enough,

  • Avatar

    Bruce Atkin says:

    An inspiring video – thanks, and I look forward to a follow up one showing the completion of the project.

  • Avatar

    Burton Blais says:

    Great project – very well executed and presented!

  • Avatar

    Harvey Kerstein says:

    Jack you are a very impressive young man. I love your informative and natural narrative. I have been hooked from the OCH first video. They are magical ! I’m looking forward to your next step video. Keep up the great work and I love your stroke ! regards, Harvey

  • Avatar

    Peter Leenhouts says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable video, and I look forward to the “second half” of the build, where Jack completes his boat. WR/Pete (p.s. – mixing resin and hardener yields an exothermic reaction).

  • Avatar

    Barry Sherwood says:

    thanks steve – i was an oarsman so very interested in this.


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