Preview: JANE – A Couta Boat Inspired Motor Sailer, with Tim Phillips

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A motor sailer that sails like a witch? Count us in, JANE!

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27 Responses So Far to “JANE – A Couta Boat Inspired Motor Sailer, with Tim Phillips

  • Avatar

    Trevor Cozens says:

    Beautiful vessel, she looks so comfortable and sails so well.

  • Avatar

    Dwayne Kutz says:

    Where would one find plans for this great boat?

  • Avatar

    Dean Wilson says:

    Beautiful boat, Well done Wooden Boat Shop Sorrento

  • Avatar

    Gary Henshaw says:

    It is truly a boating dream. Thanks for the video to share with all of us dreamers.

  • Avatar

    Hugh MacRae says:

    What a beautiful, functional boat. I’d love to spend time on her.

  • Avatar

    Daniel Klimov says:

    03:22 – Tim says “There’s not a stitch of caulking in her”.
    How is it possible?

    • Avatar

      Dirk Faegre says:

      Careful ‘fitting’. Of course, stripped planked boats have no caulk either unless you count the glue.

  • Avatar

    Brad Babcock says:

    I’ve see a lot of motorsailers that did not get the balance right (to my taste).
    Jane nails it.

  • Avatar

    Chris Mills says:

    A beautiful boat. To see her slip through the Port Phillip chop is a wonder.

  • Avatar

    graham watson says:

    Another great video. Love the Strine accent! Keep ‘em coming please!

  • Avatar

    Morgan says:

    Wonderful video as usual. what exactly is a “Motor Sailor”?? vs a sail boat with an engine.

    • Avatar

      Alan Houghton says:

      A dictionary would tell you – a boat equipped with both sails and an engine. But they tend to be yachts that (a) have a motor of sufficient power to propel the vessel at its optimum sailing speed (b) have a modest pilot house for comfort, rather than the open cockpit of a pure sailing vessel. If you search the vessel BURMA in the OCH search panel – you will see an example of in my eyes, the perfect motorsailer.

  • Avatar

    Alan Houghton says:

    Very smart looking Motor Sailer, lots of thought has gone into the design / fit out, one could spend a lot of time on her. Love the roast :-)

  • Avatar

    Michael Smith says:

    I love the gaff cutter rig. Would you use a larger genoa for light-wind downwind?

  • Avatar

    Chris Peterson says:

    Any boat where I can spill a glass of red wine and keep on with the conversation is a boat for me.

  • Avatar

    Richard Green says:

    Excellent roomy design for cruising. I like the open plan with large windows. I was impressed with the galley and the ability to look out over the ocean while cooking.

  • Avatar

    Leif Knutsen says:

    I am a big fan of beamy shallow-draft vessels that have good hydrostatics. Motor sailers give one the best of both worlds. Very nice vessel Tim.

    • David Tew

      David Tew says:

      Agreed! Love the ‘suicide knob’ on the wheel and the angled foot space below the dining table seats below.


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