Preview: Ladybug Wheelbarrow Boat

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Seeing Harry Bryan’s wheelbarrow boat in action across a couple of hundred yards of rock ledge and clam flats on the way to deep water made believers of us all.  This handy little boat may be the game-changer you need.

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19 Responses So Far to “Ladybug Wheelbarrow Boat

  • Avatar

    Jon Lambert says:

    There was mention of plastic bearings in the wheel, ive not heard of anything like that in Australia. Id be interested in hearing more about this product

  • Avatar

    Jorge Calás says:


    That is a beautifully practical boat!

    It seems that the Harry’s website is down. Is there any other place were his boats can be seen?

    Greetings, Jorge (Spain)

  • Avatar

    Harry Bryan says:

    It has been nearly 2 years since Stu Fyfe asked about the towing qualities of the wheelbarrow boat. After many miles of her following astern I can say that she tows well. Any pram-bowed boat will make more fuss and noise than a sharp bow and in this regard she is no exception. At 4 or five knots, her fore and aft rocker causes the wheel well to lift above the water and she planes on the after half of the bottom. She is thus happy at least up to about 10 kts.
    Every time I use this boat I am amazed at how practical it is. Don’t be tempted to build her longer than 7′. The extra weight and length will work against her general usefulness and maneuverability.

  • Avatar

    Todd Griner says:

    There are so many great videos on this site. I joined a few months ago and it’s been wonderful to be able to watch these that were filmed a few years ago. Harry just does a great job in all of the videos I’ve seen him in. This is really a cool boat idea and it’s great to see it used in the type of situation that it was built for. A person’s ingenuity to solve a problem is really remarkable.

    Thank you for making this web site available. It really has inspired and taught me.

  • Avatar

    Eigil Rothe says:

    I love the way this video is done. Just Harry talking. Only after watching it was I aware that I felt I had been right there, in person and had just had a one on one demo of a wonderfully designed boat.

  • Avatar

    Ellen Massey Leonard says:

    Just got a chance to watch this–what a great little boat and what a great idea! I don’t think I can count the times I’ve lugged a dinghy yards and yards up a beach, each time with sore fingers and aching arms, and that requires another person to take the other side! This is a perfect solution.

  • Avatar

    Peter Brackenbury says:

    Glad to hear there will be a Harry Bryan Schmee video in the future! I love how he always seems to comment on the quality of things in your videos. The fact that he mentions the quality of the plastic wheel and that the bearings are easily and inexpensively replaced seems to say a lot about him…your videos do a great job of sharing personalities and viewpoints in subtle ways. Thanks Again.

  • Avatar

    Greg Gress says:

    Great little boat. Wish you would have gotten some more footage of Katie in the background, I’m really thinking of building her when I retire in a couple of years.

    • Avatar

      Steve Stone says:

      Thanks Greg. I was lucky enough to film Harry sailing Katie a bit. Incredible sail on a beautiful day among an encouraging increase in wildlife. We’ll do a “good boat, up close” video on Katie one day, and we’ll work that sailing footage into Harry’s “schmee” video. I didn’t have a chase boat on this trip, so no running shots of Katie this time… but Ben has some wonderful still images of Harry sailing Katie that we may include.

  • Avatar

    Chad Brown says:

    A very magical boating visual experience. I could watch Harry all day. Awesome job you guys at OCH! Your videos are most relaxing and enjoyable.

  • Avatar

    William Boulden says:

    Beautiful place and practical little boat.

  • Avatar

    Stu Fyfe says:

    Great design. Any comments on towing capability?

  • Avatar

    Jon Arcuni says:

    Fabulous little boat. Perfect to go into the bed of my pick-up. I am tempted to build one, I have a complete woodworking shop, and this boat looks like a duck soup build. Thanks for the video. I love this website, even though I live in Panama and have a 26ft twin V cat for sports fishing off of Boca Chica. Looks like it would be easy to convert to sail with lee boards.

  • Avatar

    Stephen McClure says:

    Mr. Bryan is obviously a very clever and creative designer and builder, and your video presentation is beautifully executed as well. Now if I could just move some of that New Brunswick coast to my backyard in VT, all would truly be well. I’ll second David Tew’s thoughts concerning a look at Mr. Bryan’s shop and add that I wonder if you were as fascinated as I was with the lovely yawl hard aground at the 31 second mark of your video. Perhaps I may learn about her on Mr. Bryan’s Guide page. Perhaps another video?

    Great stuff! Thank you OCH.

    • Avatar

      Erik Sayce says:

      Hi Stephen, see under mystery boat above. We just added that this morning!

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Thanks for making the trip to his place. I’m anticipating that you will have video of his shop, too. Another small slice of boat heaven.


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