Preview: Life At the Water’s Edge, Part 2–Crustaceans & Mollusks of Maine’s Intertidal Zone

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Watch the fascinating world of the intertidal zone come to life as the tide comes in along the Maine Coast.

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10 Responses So Far to “Life At the Water’s Edge, Part 2–Crustaceans & Mollusks of Maine’s Intertidal Zone

  • Avatar

    Wolfgang Doughty says:

    Sarah O’Malley, what a fantastic Lady.
    I would have loved to have been in her class room.
    Either in a school class or on any beach. Sarah, you are needed in our schools today.

    At 75+yrs, I want more from this neat Lady. I could listen to you forever.

    Thanks OCH !

  • Avatar

    Gene Gilbert says:

    Wow… Can’t wait to show my grandsons, a trip after they view the video to the tidal pool certainly would be an educational experience for all…thanks so much OCH and Sarah.

  • Avatar

    Harold Shanafield says:

    I never had much interest in marine biology, but I have enjoyed viewing Sarah O’Malley’s videos and have learned a lot.

  • Avatar

    Robert (Bob) Godfrey says:

    Very educational and a terrific video! Many thanks.

  • Avatar

    Rick Clark says:

    Very enlightening Sarah…amazing critters to see up-close!

  • Avatar

    john marks says:

    Sarah is a knowledgeable and forthright presenter.So interesting! Thanks and keep up the good stuff, to entertain us during stage 4 lockdown here in Melbourne Australia.

  • Avatar

    Conbert Benneck says:

    Thanks for introduction to Marine Biology. One of the pleasures of sailing is that you keep learning something new every time you cast off your lines and head out.
    How about another video about how to find mussels. After a great sail they’d make a great dinner! …. or how and where to catch blue fish.

  • Avatar

    Mark MacLeod says:

    Fun and fascinating. My dad was a biologist and my happiest childhood memories were the summertimes as his field assistant. I went on to become a carpenter and boatbuilder but never lost my zest for the natural world; the *real* world. So, for myself, nerdy is sexy. I’m both informed and charmed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of Sarah O’Malley, Marine Biology Goddess.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    My grandchildren will be here today exploring the tidepools. This video has so much to inform and entertain them!

  • Avatar

    Lansing Hays says:

    Excellent. Marine biology is fascinating and gets more so as you go deeper. Some day I hope to see a film about the underwater life of the lobster. Perhaps Sara will put on tanks and film their story one day.


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