Preview: LIMFJORD, An L. Francis Herreshoff H-28

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Climb aboard LIMFJORD, an L. Francis Herreshoff H-28 small cruising sailboat designed for anyone to build, adapt and easily get out on the water.

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12 Responses So Far to “LIMFJORD, An L. Francis Herreshoff H-28

  • Avatar

    Tim Cowling says:

    Lovely boat and another great video. Hey Eric a Salon is where one gets their hair done on a boat a Saloon is the main cabin.
    Great work,

  • Avatar

    steve johnson says:

    Aside from the boat side of these stories,I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Eric. He flows conversations like a finely drawn hull clips thru swells. The man has a way of creating a comfort zone,keeping things rolling without upsetting the tempo of each boat host . Exceptional vibe !

  • Avatar

    Tim Leary says:

    “A Clydesdale stallion in the leafy month of May!”
    Brilliant! – I’m off for a sail!
    PS. Lovely boat!

  • Avatar

    Michael Naumann says:

    Dear Bill, it is just wonderful to hear you present this little jewel with compassion and appreciation. Thank you and see you in July, Michael

  • Avatar

    Ian Hancock says:

    I bought an H 28 bare fibreglass hull from Compass Yachts NZ in Oct.1973 and launched in March ’75. Over the next 4 years Runestaff took us some 20000 mile around the Pacific between Tahiti and New Caledonia and the final trip was back from Fiji with our 9 week old son aboard. It was such a sweet forgiving little ship. I believe the first H 28 to have the doghouse cabin was built by Charley Capon in Whangarei NZ in the early ’50s and he got permission from LFH to do it. We used to see her around a lot when I was a kid and saw she was for sale again last year.

  • Avatar

    Edaward Day says:

    There is a H28 in a compound at Hervey Bay QLD. Australia, been there for a number of years
    it is such a pity, just rotting away, it looks salvageable at the moment, i wish it could fall into the hands of a new enthusiastic owner,
    Also i have a copy of a Rudder book of designs 1932? my uncel gave it to 60 years ago, it features a number of William Atkins designs (Ingrid) and others.
    I love the info that comes up from O.C.H. it was good to see the boys at the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart Tasmania, looking forward to seeing something from there.

  • Avatar

    Gerald Hendrickson says:

    I recently acquired a modified H28 with the manufacturer listed as Cathy Craft. The restoration is slow but this video and article are terrific inspiration.

  • Avatar

    Robert Bruce says:

    Know the boat well. There were a couple of these modified H-28’s built in the Sidney area and they are wonderful vessels.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    If the narrator is Bill Mayher… great job! :D


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