Preview: Making a Caulking Mallet with Antique Tool Guy Jeff Pearson

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Antique tool guy Jeff Pearson takes us through the process of how to make a caulking mallet.

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11 Responses So Far to “Making a Caulking Mallet with Antique Tool Guy Jeff Pearson

  • Avatar

    John Bishop says:

    What would you recommend to oil these mallets with?

    • Avatar

      Dave Morgan says:

      I can’t imagine anything better than Uncle Billy’s Old Time Wood Oil! Get the protection you need, lasts a long time and you get that amazing pine tar smell that old wooden boats smell like!

  • Avatar

    Michael Dobrzeniecki says:

    Unfortunately there are no videos about caulking Part I and II

  • Avatar

    Peter MacLearn says:

    Great job, great video. Hopefully you’ll bring a few of the new ones, and/or some good old ones to the MBBS this March. I’ve got a little caulking to do and so I’m interested. I hope to see you then.

  • Avatar

    Steve Cross says:

    Jeff ,
    Now I know what to do with my left over Live Oak . Let you make tools out of it .
    Steve Cross 229-726-5561 cell

  • Avatar

    Andrew Newton says:

    Good old Down East craftsmanship, gotta love it.

  • Avatar

    Stephen Horseley says:

    Thanks for the video. At least history is recorded now and the art won’t be lost. Loved it.

  • Avatar

    Frank Wescovich says:

    Very informative video. Happy to find out how he cut the slots. He should invest in a faceshield for his lathe and metalwork. Eyes of an old craftsman like his are too valuable to risk to injury.

  • Avatar

    Jeff Cain says:

    Another great video showing how a craftsman applies his trade and learned skills. Keep them coming. What great educational and entertaining information.


  • Avatar

    Michael Mittleman says:

    Thanks for sharing. It is a treat to watch this craftsman. Did you see how his hands were beaten up? That said, I counted – all fingers remain in good working condition. The glimpses of the workshop were fascinating. Any chance of a shop video tour?

  • Avatar

    Kevin Tisdall says:

    I just love listening to these craftsmen talk while they build things or do what they do. Thanks.


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