Preview: Marco Scuderi – A Sicilian Shipwright in New Zealand

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Marco Scuderi’s double-ended Rozinante and lovely power cruiser give us a clear look at New Zealand boat building.

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14 Responses So Far to “Marco Scuderi – A Sicilian Shipwright in New Zealand

  • Avatar

    Neil Henderson says:

    We need more people like Marco in our world – quiet and humble people who deliver beauty. Wonder if I can visit his yard when we visit NZ next year………….. That Rozinante is a floating sculpture – people like Marco sculpt boats in my opinion.

  • Avatar

    Aren Carpenter says: is he flipping the boats over?Some shots show them hull up and then all finished and ready to put in. I’m afraid to scratch the paint on my 16′ dory turning it over never mind something with 14 coats of polished varnish!

  • Avatar

    David Cranwell says:

    Wainamu was in desperate need of help, my dream of 40yrs was I realised that even with Doug Hylan and Ellerty Brown beautiful kit set, for an absolute novice like me I had bitten off more the I could chew.
    Robert Brooke an expert in all things wooden boats came to visit his pronouncement.
    Stop, I can put you in touch with someone who will bold you a yacht that you are proud of his name, Marco Scuderi
    Wainamu was craned out of the shed onto a truck and transported to Auckland from Hawkes Bay, 10 hours away
    Marco’s first task, to disassemble most of what had been done which included sacrificing some Kauri planks.
    The process was long but Marco’s was absolutely fastidious with every thing has has done on Wainamu.
    Well into the project I asked Marco why did he take on such a complex project, he looked me straight in the eye and said, to have the opportunity to build a Herreshoff classic just does not happen in New Zealand, I just wanted to build her.
    I took on the the task of carrying out the finishing touches, which has resulted in countless phone calls, emails to Marco as I was terrified of spoiling Marco’s work.
    At times I felt embarrassed to keep bothering Marco and told him, never once has he been short, always explaining in great detail followed by drawings by email.
    An absolute gentleman to deal with for which I am eternally grateful.
    Wainamu should be in the water but cyclone Gabrielle hit HB with ferocious force which has held up the last real task having the SS welded to the rudder blade.
    Winter is half done so launching is close.
    Something else that has kept me going along with support from many has been the OCH video of Roger Taylor and Maynard Bray sailing the Doug Hylan built Redhead, I know it off by heart
    I will let you know of Wainamu’s launching date

    David Cranwell

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Wonderful to hear your first-hand account as owner of this boat/project, David. And so nice to have your personal view of Marco here on record. Quite a guy, Marco. Next time I am back in NZ I’ll look you up and go sailing if you don’t mind. But don’t let me alone, aboard, because I’ll definitely pull up the anchor, slip away, never to return. A Rozinante on the coast of NZ is a 30-year dream of mine as well.

      • Avatar

        David Cranwell says:

        Hello Steve
        You would be most welcome to take her for a sail when you next visit.
        An interesting sugestion a Rozinante built from American White Oak, NZ Kauri, West Australian Karri, Himalayan Oak, plus a NZ Totara bench top made from the last pier that my Grandfather tied his tug boat Wainamu up to in the 1880’s
        One of my successes with Wainamu I hand crafted the tiller from Himalayan Oak Quercus Leucotrichophora from a 20 year old tree, the acorn came from North West India.
        The timber is quite beautiful very hard and strong, showing real promise as a fast growing hardwood.
        All the best,

  • Avatar

    nikola drmac says:

    bravo Marco, complimenti!! bellissimo lavoro e bellissimo stile di vita…in un paese dei vera marineria.\

  • Avatar

    Ed Altonji says:

    Loved the close “At the end of the day you can see what you’ve done and be happy about it.” How many of us heard that and just smiled to ourselves thinking “yep”?

  • Avatar

    Bonnie Triplett says:

    “At the end of the day, you can see what you have done, and be happy about it.” – What life comes down to! Congratulations, Marco – on achieving the joy we see all over your face, and hear in your voice. BEAUTIFUL work!!

  • Avatar

    Robert (Bob) Godfrey says:

    “A hobby gone wrong” gotta love it!!!!!

  • Avatar

    Michael Vaughan says:

    Eximious! Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.


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