Preview: Mastering Epoxy with Russell Brown, Part 11 – Rolling & Tipping an Interior Gloss Coat

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No one is better than Russell Brown at handling epoxy effectively. In parts 10 and 11 we see how he applies a glossy coat to both the exterior and interior of the PT-11 sailing dinghy.

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9 Responses So Far to “Mastering Epoxy with Russell Brown, Part 11 – Rolling & Tipping an Interior Gloss Coat

  • Avatar

    Eddie Bachmann says:

    Love the care and attention to details, not to mention the tried and true processes. One piece mentioned is the glassing of edges…I don’t recall seeing that being done, nor the trimming of the glass on the panel edges after first being glassed (before filling and faring and hull assembly). Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Rick Zablocki says:

    Will be following guidance for 1st build, a B&B Amanda’s interior this winter. Beautiful work!
    Many thanks

  • Avatar

    Richard Roth says:

    Great series, thanks!
    What do you use for cleaning brushes? I tried different (strong) chemicals, but the result never really satisfied me (same with 2k-PU). It only leaves me with special waste to dispose, so I gave it up and use brushes mostly once.

  • Avatar

    Rann Millar says:

    I have watched each of Russell’s videos of his epoxy techniques several times, in addition to getting his books from his website. Amazingly presented details for doing fine finish work. Thanks Russell! Much appreciated, from an owner of a Searunner 34 (now in other hands).

    Rann Millar,
    Monroe, OR

  • Avatar

    Rick Zablocki says:

    Great tips and thoughts. This newbie will be coating the interior of my 12′ dink this winter. Tks

  • Avatar

    Dave Dickmeyer says:

    And I thought I was picky! šŸ˜† Watching Russell work is a joy. Iā€™m really enjoying this series! Thanks again for all you do.


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