Preview: Good Boat Up Close – Maynard Bray’s Herreshoff Coquina, Part 2 – Putting the Boat to Bed

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Coquinas are for the small boat connoisseur. Lovely, lively, and eminently tweequable. You’ll enjoy every aspect of her – even tidying up after a day on the water.

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23 Responses So Far to “Good Boat Up Close – Maynard Bray’s Herreshoff Coquina, Part 2 – Putting the Boat to Bed

  • Avatar

    Ron Gurak says:

    You should have half an hour of the boat sailing. There can be voiceover but we need to see more of her under sail. Lovely boat.

    • Avatar

      Steve Buck says:

      I concur. A video of Coquina underway, please.

  • Avatar

    Greg Stamatelakys says:

    Regarding the B&W still photo at 15:18; in comparison to rig of Coquina what of the larger boat further astern. Is that a one piece mainsail attached to the peak halyard? How did the spar work?

  • Avatar

    Steve Buck says:

    A big thanks! to Maynard Bray and Doug Hyland for updating the plans for Coquina, and making them available to hacks such as me. I’ve started building my own Coquina and very much looking forward to part three of this video series.

  • Avatar

    Neil Henderson says:

    One of my ambitions in life is to be able to coil and stow “strings” as well as Maynard. Loved the story about the mast tumbling down after the springs let the mast trap go – it is such a clever fitting to have in a boat like this.
    Maybe Maynard could do a rope/line handling video?

    Regards Neil
    p.s. I’m building my 4th – a CY inspired by Mr. Kerr!!

  • Drew Britten

    Drew Britten says:

    Really enjoyed the video Maynard. Gave me some ideas about how to store the sails on my very first traditional sailboat, which I acquired this year. A Caledonia Yawl with a Balanced Lug rig.

  • Avatar

    ron godwin says:

    Maynard that was some great video. You have excellent taste, ,but PINK!
    What a wonderfull design, simple, elegant good performance and easily handled. The boat has a beautiful land base indeed you are both fortunate.
    My sailing area is Moreton Bay Qld Aus and it can be a bit roughish and as I may be older than you (1937) with 60 yrs racing experience, a smaller boat with a similar pedigree, not under 14ft, might be easier to handle on and off the water. Any suggestions?

  • Avatar

    Kent and Skipper says:

    Any video by Maynard on any subject would be interesting. I’m sure there are some “it happened to a friend” stories :)

  • Avatar

    Burke Horner says:

    A presentation that was smooth as silk, Maynard! Knowing little if anything about sailing, you get me one step closer taking a course locally!

  • Avatar

    Graeme Harrison says:

    Hi Maynard what a wonderful sailing boat you have.
    She looks beautiful in the water too. I love the design as well.
    I have the plans for the Oonagh and still accumulating the materials for it and I’m studying the plans frequently. I am retired from my carpentry and so I’m looking forward to getting started on my Oonagh/Arriba.
    Thanks for your encouragement and skills with your Coquina , and your easy to follow guided tour of how to use the sail’s. Graeme, from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺

  • Avatar

    Norman Johnson says:

    Another video of Maynard sailing this beauty around would be great!

  • Avatar

    Joshua Parker says:

    Would love to see a CNC kit for Coquina. This is a beautiful boat and I would love to build one.

  • Avatar

    Peter Pesce says:

    These videos were absolutely delightful.Thank you!

  • Avatar

    Robert Hazard says:

    Thank you, Maynard! I have been looking forward to this chapter ever since the your first Coquina video.
    I was pleased to find that the procedure I follow for rigging and de-rigging my own Coquina is fairly close to yours.
    Echoing Richard Morrison’s comment, I would love it if you were to make yet a third video, illustrating the finer points you’ve found of handling her under sail, as well as giving us all more time to just enjoy watching her slip along over the water!

    • Avatar

      Pierre DARDEL says:

      I absolutely agree with you for the third video ! It would be awesome. Hopefully Maynard reads our comments somehow 🥳

      • Steve Stone

        Steve Stone says:

        If she gets overboard this summer we’ll struggle through the arduous task of going for a sail and filming it. :)

        • Avatar

          Bill Theurkauf says:

          Check out Maynard’s cover article on sailing Coquina in WoodenBoat, vol 187. Not a video, but a great discussion of handling this beautiful boat.

  • Avatar

    Alan Kane says:

    It is great to see such fun being had in smaller boats. Too many pursue too much boat and less pleasure. The Coquina is a pretty boat, easy to see its beauty as it glides through the water.
    One sail design you might consider, where you don’t mind all the lines, is a junk rig. A friend has done this with several, and she cruises all over by herself. The junk rig is easy to reef and handle once you have figures out the lines.
    Keep smiling! Easy to do when aboard such a fine craft.

  • Avatar

    Anna Mallin says:

    Love the video….it taught me several things which I am pleased to know! I just plain enjoy Maynard’s gentle way of teaching/demonstrating…

  • Avatar

    Richard Morrison says:

    Thanks, Maynard for another great video. My sailor friends who watch me preparing my Coquina for a sail and putting the boat away upon returning to the mooring ask me what could I possibly be doing that consumes so much attention. They have no idea how much fun I am having with all of those strings you mention. The interesting thing about the boat is that when underway, there is almost nothing to fuss over as the boat sails itself. No tiller to attend, no jib to tack- just an occasional tweak on the steering line or minor adjustment of the peak halyard. A testament to the genius of N. G Herreshoff. I hope the you do a Part 3 of this series to show the boat under sail.

    • Avatar

      Jonathan Steel says:

      I love Maynard’s boat. I am about that vintage where we all learned to sail in wooden boats and now I am privileged to have rediscovered and now own an aft cabin motor boat which was built for my uncle way back in 1922.
      I wish I could show you. She is the same hull form as a Coquina and if fitted with masts would sail pretty well as well. L 36′ B 8.5′ D 2.75′. I have 1/2 ton Of ballast. Clinker teak only 7/16″ in 56 steamed frames. 45 hp she will do 8kn her max waterline speed. Best, JS

    • Avatar

      Pierre DARDEL says:

      Let’s hope it’s under way for 2023 🌞🤩


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