Preview: North Haven’s Foy Brown – A Waterman Relaxes on His Houseboat

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Here’s a guy you won’t find at the mall, and for good reason, he’s too busy working. Living on an island off the coast of Maine and working the Boatyard his grandfather started, Foy reminds us what a self-made man looks like, and we are inspired.

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22 Responses So Far to “North Haven’s Foy Brown – A Waterman Relaxes on His Houseboat

  • Avatar

    William McCullom says:

    That’s no accent – that’s full on “Maine Island” grew up with it on Chebeague Island as a boy.

  • Avatar

    Charles Coull says:

    What accent uis that? To this Scotsman’s ear it sounds like Cornwall and Yorkshire by way of Canada. Great video.

    • Avatar

      Robert McEvoy says:

      That’s full on Mainer. Hard to find one as good as that. Dying out a bit Beautiful sound.

  • Avatar

    John Lewis says:

    Great video! In my relentless Texas heat, I’m happy for this good man. He’s -as the Navajo say, ‘walking in beauty’- and I am envious! Best to you, sir!

  • Avatar

    Gene Gilbert says:

    Always see those signs “The Way Life Should Be”. Foy needs no signs…….

  • Avatar

    Tony Arkwright says:

    Good video, love the Elder component, makes me enjoy being of that generation. A question for Steve/Foy, the white hull runabout tied to the houseboat, resembles a 20 ft Shamrock Keel Drive I own. Am I close?

  • Avatar

    Reagan Tucker says:

    gimme more! 7 min is not enough for a decent tour…outstanding job everyone…There is just something about shanty boats that draws us in…. Foy thank you so much, there is a book inside you waiting to be published.

  • Avatar

    Conbert Benneck says:

    What an excellent example of being master of your own universe; and who can relax and enjoy it.

  • Avatar

    Jack Stone says:

    Foy, it don’t get no better than that! Regards to your better half from Texas.

    You have several of my secret passions: Lobsterman, boat man, wood workin’ man, soul man, good citizen man.

    Have you by 5 years and appreciate your willingness to share you lifestyle.

    Best wishes for a continued good life.

  • Avatar

    Tom Vogel says:

    An honest, hard working man. That smile and gleam in the eyes confirm the peace he has in the heart. Great to see he is sharing these days with wife and they can enjoy the quiet times together. An OCH home run.

  • Avatar

    Burton Blais says:

    A man we would all like to emulate…I’m sure I’ve seen this gent before, perhaps in another short film? Wish I could remember…

    • Avatar

      Chad Morse says:

      He may have been in “Tales of Wood and Water” that Woodenboat put out quite awhile ago. I still have it. Joel White, Steve White, Sonny Hogdon, Arno Day, were among those interviewed. Unfortunately, I don’t have a VHS anymore. Maybe they did and I missed it. I wish they would reissue it as a DVD or make it available to be downloaded. It was an hour long and I always wished it was longer, just like I wished this one was. :-)

      • Avatar

        Fred Rappley says:

        I agree Chad! That was such a great video I had a friend take it from VHS to DVD for me I’m going to find it and watch it tonight. Hint, hint, Wooden Boat!

      • Avatar

        David Chapman says:

        I still have the video, plus a CD of it that a friend made, but no longer anything to play them on.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Check above in “related videos” Burton. He’s in another short in the Flotsam section.

  • Avatar

    carl prestipino says:

    I was gonna leave a comment, but ….I need to rest first.

  • Avatar

    chip puhl says:

    Thanks Steve,
    Another OCHD day for me. I’m off to my pondering chair in the workshop to start planning my cabin on the water and thanks Foy because the view of the flowers on the front deck was all grandma needed to give me permission.

  • Avatar

    scott hitt says:

    “don’t have to … aint gunna”! never has truer words been spoken, ha! what a wonderful vid.
    again, thank you.

  • Avatar

    Rod McLaren says:

    “I just rest for a few minutes and then ready to go” – Foy is two years my senior and he’s got it. Its all about pacing oneself, and that is all about knowing when to ease up. Here’s to ya, Foy. Cheers.

  • Avatar

    Philip Myer says:

    You need serious counseling Steve — you have Houseboat Fixation Syndrome! — and rightly so, this one is a corker and a very cool dude fisherman owner/builder.

    • Avatar

      John Evans says:

      I sure would love to know the dimensions of that cabin and what was used as floatation.
      Great video coming at a perfect time as I’m contemplating a float house to tie my sailboat to.


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