Preview: Boathouse Concert – Walt & Tina Wilkins Live – Austin, Texas

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We feel pretty damn lucky to have Walt and Tina Wilkins do a private house concert for Off Center Harbor. Enjoy the full show below, recorded live from their front porch near Austin, Texas on Friday, May 8th.

The show is free of course, and if you enjoy it and feel like sending them a tip, you can via…

Venmo: @Tina-Wilkins-2

Or, just snail mail a check made out to Walt Wilkins and mail it to us and we’ll forward it to them. Enjoy…

Address for Snail Mail tips:
Payable to Walt Wilkins
c/o Off Center Harbor
P.O. Box 10
Brooklin, ME. 04616

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22 Responses So Far to “Boathouse Concert – Walt & Tina Wilkins Live – Austin, Texas

  • Avatar

    Sam Stone says:

    A little late to the show but thanks for the show for a fellow Austinite.

  • Avatar

    David Ryan says:

    Couldn’t listen live and I t took me awhile. Listening in a hotel room while i’m on the road. Recognized “Into the Mystic” from the opening chord. One of my all time favorites. Awesome version and one I enjoyed as much as the original. Maybe the only other version I’ve enjoyed that much. Thanks for the whole show. Awesome.

  • Avatar

    Robin Thomas says:

    From Portland, Oregon. Thanks for the beautiful music and videos, it is certainly uplifting during this virus lock down.
    It helps take us elsewhere with beauty.

  • Avatar

    Ian Wallace says:

    Thanks for that great ‘shot in the arm glorious music from the heart’, Tina and Walt….(.there’s a few mixed metaphors, for the times we’re in)…’.Really enjoyed the porch concert, great!
    Ian from Sydney, Aust.
    PS We can still sail in iso times, as long as we’re fishing!

  • Avatar

    Tiago Jesus says:

    I wasn’t able to watch the live session, thanks for putting it up here. Great session, Thank you OCH, Walt and Tina.
    Just added you to my “sailing playlist”. :-)
    Cheers from Portugal!

  • Avatar


    I really wanted to log in and participate in the live event but circumstances conspired to prevent that. I am so happy that you made the video available so I could catch up from Tulsa, OK. Thanks Off Center Harbor and especially to Walt and Tina. The personal stories really added to the experience.

  • Avatar

    chip puhl says:

    Discovered Walt’s music from early OCH videos and the combination has been over the top. In Walt’s own words last Friday evening ,…”It’s been magical-poetic and mystical.” Walt’s six string blessings are heard on deck every time we leave the dock.
    On board S/V “Joy”, Rockport, Texas

  • Avatar

    Stephen L. Clark says:

    It was heartwarming, particularly in the stormy seas on which we are sailing, to see Walt and Tina. It was, and is, a respite that further reminds us what we have to live for. They are connected to many people that I care about, some, whose friendship developed because of OCH.

  • Avatar

    Norman NOLAN says:

    Loved the music, and Tina’s singing particularly! Unfortunately at 0900 in Sydney in Australia – really needed a beer to go with the cool music! But what language were they speaking??? That deep south accent was way over my head!

  • Avatar

    Allen Browne says:

    Wonderful musical break as I sit here on the coast of Maine. Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Gary Tettlebach says:

    From New Zealand. Love the music and would love to get the lyrics and guitar chords so I could play out at anchor in the Bay of Islands. Keep writing and keep singing, please.

  • Avatar

    Paul Bargren says:

    I sampled a bit this cold Sunday afternoon. Very nice.

  • Avatar

    Jim Turse says:

    It’s been a gorgeous day on the South Coast, even with a small gale blowing offshore up the Atlantic into the bay…..good music to end a beautiful day. Thank you

  • Avatar

    David MacLean says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the good music & warm friendly time this sunny Sunday afternoon on Cape Cod with my cat purring on my lap. Thanks very much for brightening my day! Stay well.

  • Avatar

    R. David Drucker says:

    Fabulous musical journey, even though it was too short. Gotta get that Walt out on the water again soon and learn him how to pull strings as well as strum and pluck them! Steve, you can put Walt and Tina back on again any Friday as far as I’m concerned. Good show!!

  • Avatar

    Harold Wheeler says:

    Thank you, needed that, good music and great people.

  • Avatar

    Charles Howland says:

    What a terrific way to spend an afternoon Many thanks.

  • Avatar

    denis Connaughton says:

    Beautiful music, lyrics, and voices. Wow. I just love this addition to OCH. Listening from Ireland.
    Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Arthur Winer says:

    Thanks, Walt and Tina, for brightening my day. Such great chemistry between you two. Wonderful to see that, along with some fine songs.
    All the best from Orcas Island, WA.

  • Avatar

    Henry Veenhoven says:

    Just saw this today, a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sort of like every day these days. Very nice presentation I must say. And great weather. I especially liked the second last song; an original I believe he said. Thanks for this, it was great.


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