Preview: Panga-Inspired Bass-Boat, Sam Devlin’s PELICANO

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When we think about applying stitch-and-glue boatbuilding techniques, more often than not, we have small stuff in mind- kayaks, skiffs and the like.  Well here’s a design from Sam Devlin for something larger, yet still within range for the home builder who’d like to get out to the fishing grounds in a traditional looking bass boat whose design inspiration comes, surprisingly enough, not from Cape Cod, but from the panga of Mexico.

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4 Responses So Far to “Panga-Inspired Bass-Boat, Sam Devlin’s PELICANO

  • Avatar

    Neil Moomey says:

    Thank you thank you! This boat is on my short list. A real head turner of a boat and very economical. Would be neat to see the interiors on the Devlin series though. I was thinking the boat could sleep two if you used the canvas cover on the back and had removable seats. Then each person has some personal space. Another idea is to make the entire cabin roof removable so a couple of people could fish in the bow if needed.

    • Avatar

      Russ Curtis says:

      The Devlin website has excellent pictures of the interiors, and great help is on offer for DIY builders. The plant in Olympia is worth a visit too. Sam is a very approachable guy.

  • Avatar

    Gustavo Krause says:

    Sam Devlin is a great boat builder, i like his boats a lot! Nice movie, thanks OCH!


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