Preview: The Pocket Cruiser SKYE: A Bill Garden Canoe Yawl Restored by Marty Loken

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With her restoration complete, Marty Loken takes us for a sail aboard his Bill Garden designed canoe yawl SKYE.

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9 Responses So Far to “The Pocket Cruiser SKYE: A Bill Garden Canoe Yawl Restored by Marty Loken

  • Avatar

    Jeff Miller says:

    Thanks for the video. After 5 years in storage, this passing season I finally knuckled down and got my Kells 23 Coaster in the water. She’s not nearly as pretty as “Skye”, but when I’m asked what I have for a boat I always refer to her as a “pocket cruiser”. As with most boat owners, I’m often thinking of the “next big thing” but with a draft of less than 3 feet, simple systems, a trailer, and able to put her in the garage for the winter, and video’s like this one, I remember why I rescued her from the side of the road in the first place. Thanks again.

    • Avatar

      Sean McGrath says:

      I concur Jeff! I’ve got a Kells 23 with the swing-keel. With the board up, I think I draft about 12 inches, which has been nice while cruising around Casco Bay!

  • Avatar

    Michael Owen says:

    I love this design, and SKYE is a beautiful example.

    My only complaint is that the video ends just when she was getting sailing!
    I would love to see more footage of SKYE under sail.

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Avatar

    James Noonan says:

    Beautiful canoe yawl the “Skye”! I am the proud owner of a Ted Brewer designed Rob Roy 23 ft. canoe yawl – hull #23. It is in the fine tradition of the Albert Strange “school” of canoe yawls.
    It is made of fiberglass, not wood, but none-the-less it is dream of a pocket yacht. Sometime perhaps, Off Center Harbor could do a few stories on some of the beautiful sailboat wood designs that have been faithfully reproduced in fiberglass. The Rob Roy 23 is a true beauty in the grand tradition of beauties like Skye.

  • Avatar

    Scot Copeland says:

    Great video. For someone who must have an Eel, I know the whereabouts of one (in Southern CA) that has never been launched but is an amazing piece of work; professionally built, lapstrake and copper riveted. Well cared for in a carport. But, these Eels are real special boats that need a very particular owner who knows what he/she is after. I’m not sure if she’s still for sale, but she was available 6 months ago.

  • Avatar

    Michael Jones says:

    Thank you for the video of Marty and his Eel and by extension drawing attention to the Traditional Small Craft Association.
    We are the owners of the Eel “Aunt Louise” built by Gordon Swift for Davis Hammond of Boca Grande on Florida’s west coast, but have never seen another Eel in the flesh and the interview was the next best thing.
    The “Aunt Louise” being built for Florida has an open cuddy cabin and for the shallow waters of our coast a kick up rudder (approved by Wm. Garden).
    The first link is to an article in the Ash Breeze the quarterly journal of the Traditional Small Craft Association. (please join the journal alone it worth the membership fee, and there are chapters across the nation).
    TSCA Spring 2015 p.6-7
    This Short video by Simon Lew starts with Aunt Louise under sail. The Small Boat Meet is the first full weekend in May every year. No forms to fill out no fees, just bring your boat and come. It’s a weekend event for some and a weeklong event for others. So much fun that we go back in November for more.
    Cedar Key Small Boat Meet 2014
    Photos: of Aunt Louise and of cold shaping a bronze stem/bobstay fitting.

  • Avatar

    Norm Russick says:

    Beautiful boat and great restoration. Question: what kind of winch is that you have on board for the centerboard? I am looking for a centerboard winch for my boat and am having trouble finding one that is not designed as a sheet winch.

    • Avatar

      William Watson says:

      Did anyone find out where to find that centerboard winch? I’m looking for one also for my 22 foot Crosby Catboat. Having the same problem finding one.
      Please email me…….or call me 757-695-1353 …..or Tex me.
      Bill Watson

  • Avatar

    David L Schroeder says:

    Thank you for this video! I love these features showing the rebuilding and refitting of older boats! Pardon my short comment–I have to leave now to go work on refitting my 1972 Clipper Marine 26.


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