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Port Townsend: How a Legendary Boat-Town was Built, A Presentation from the 2021 Worldwide Classic Boat Show

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September 9, 2021

Carol Hasse and Kaci Cronkhite walk us through a history of Port Townsend and reveal how it became the wooden boat center it is today.

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This video is a recording of a live presentation from the 2021 Worldwide Classic Boat Show


Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building

Port of Port Townsend Boatyard and more

Northwest Maritime Center

Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop

Port Townsend Sails

Things to do in Port Townsend



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9 Responses So Far to “Port Townsend: How a Legendary Boat-Town was Built, A Presentation from the 2021 Worldwide Classic Boat Show”:

  1. Avatar John Wujack says:

    Thank you OCH and thank you to Kaci, Carol and all of the others that have contributed so much in making Port Townsend and the surrounding area on the Kitsap Peninsula such a great place. The blend of business, environment and idealism is very powerful when put in capable hands of such dedicated individuals. As a relative newcomer to the area, thank you for what you’ve created. I appreciate your efforts 24/7/365.

  2. Avatar terry brower says:

    Carol Hasse, Thanks for another good memeory for the short tour of your sail loft in 2015 during the Wooden Boat Festival. I belong to the Rio Grande Yacht Club in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and sometimes am ask to do some repairs on sails for the members. Currently I’m using a Consew 199. It is a straight stitch- zig zag non-walking foot but I am considering upgrading to a machine that uses a 4 point zig-zag. And maybe build some new sails for small boats like the Sunfish our club has.Would you have any suggestions on what machines to research? Again, many thanks for your contribution to the boating community

  3. Avatar terry brower says:

    Great presentation and wonderful history of Port Townsend. I grew up and went to school in Poulsbo from 1954 until 1972 When I moved to Pocatello, Idaho. What astounds me most is that I wasn’t aware of all the beauty and wonderment that was right under my nose! (teenagers !??) The only boating I did was to go fishing with my brother and Dad at Point No Point for salmon. Although I did build an 8ft sailing pram that I sailed on Liberty Bay. So sad to hear about Brion Toss. I feel lucky to have met him at the Wooden Boat Festival in 2015. I have a copy of his book The Complete RIGGER’S Aprentice. He signed it “Point Hudson 11 September 2015. For Terry, And especially for his boats. Fair leads, Brion Toss” He called his book his “baby”. Now one of my treasured books.

  4. Avatar Dan Young says:

    So wonderful to listen to the amazing history of Port Townsend! I still remember points of sail lessons and amazing stories from Carol while I sailed as a kid on the Schooner Adventuress with Ernie Bennett’s Youth Adventure in the 1980’s. My favorite memory is when we were sailing across the Straight of Juan de Fuca in a stiff breeze and the huge main sail ripped right along the reef line. We got all the sails down and made it into Victoria where we un-bent the main and we stuffed it into a pickup that took it across to Carol’s sail loft were it was patched up in just a few days. The Schooner Adventuress took kids out for 5 to 7 day sails. We were able to get the main bent back on and back out into the San Juan islands for more adventures! Thanks Carol! :)

    • Avatar Dan Young says:

      Thanks Carol for all the Schooner Adventuress history! I wrote my comment above before your wonderful memories of the amazing, life changing, schooner! Such an amazing sail training ship.

  5. Avatar Lannis Morris says:

    Thanks for the thread. My wife and I were all signed up and booked for the trip this year. We are regular visitors to the mystic show and we were very excited about this years trip to the northwest. We are sorry for the impact this cancellation might have on this small corner of the U.S. and all the small and large owners of businesses. We choose to keep a positive hope in the resilience of this great country and its people to stick together and fight together against all that comes against us. Say hi to a stranger, be kind to one another and by all means, let those closest to you know that you love them, Today!

  6. Avatar Stanley Hanna says:

    Incredible history and excellent presentation. Very practical and down-to-earth. Hoping to visit these places late this fall if Covid restrictions are lifted. Very well done – all of you and thank you for your dedication and service to make all of this a reality. I live in Ottawa, Canada, I own a small hand-built 15.5′ wooden sail boat built in Vancouver in 1980. A lively boat that I hope to pass on to my grandchildren who I am teaching how to sail. Nothing like it!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Stanley. It was an honor to participate in the Worldwide Classic Boat Show and share some of what’s inspired us over decades–including the many contributions of Canadian wooden boatbuilders and sailors. Lucky grandkids! Treasure those times.

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