Preview: Maine Schooner Rendezvous/Dance

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Schooner Rendezvous, Brooklin, Maine: Each fall in early autumn Maine’s schooner fleet gathers a final time to enjoy food, music, and a chance to sail in company. A bitter-sweet moment in the turning of the seasons.

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34 Responses So Far to “Maine Schooner Rendezvous/Dance

  • Avatar

    David Mitchell says:

    That was such a lovely film, oh to have been a part of it on such a day. Pink Martini’s music such a lovely fit for those graceful schooners. Storm Large’s version of the song with Pink Martini i do feel though has more energy and captures it so well.

  • Avatar

    Nick Kutscera says:

    Sailed on the Pauline many years ago, rafted up to the Stephen Taber, played guitar with the Capt. A wonderful night. Great choice of music, love Pink Martini. Gives me the idea to do it again! Thank You!

  • Avatar

    Nick Jordan says:

    What a beautiful video and Magnificent vessels. I have just made an addition to my bucket list. Many thanks for this.

  • Avatar

    Tim Leary says:

    What a pleasure to see competent seafaring.
    The end sequence was perfect!

  • Avatar

    Rod Carr says:

    Pink Martini…No wonder the music caught my attention! I saw them here in Burlington VT a few years ago. Amazing High Energy concert!

  • Avatar

    Wayne McCallum says:

    Oh thank you so much for that. Nautical pornography.

  • Avatar

    Marc LaFrance says:

    Awesome! I was fortunate one year to be out in one of the WBS 12 1/2s as all the Windjammers rolled in to the Cove. Way too much fun!

  • Avatar

    Chris Latchem says:

    Enjoyed the video alright, but especially the Maine background and the small boats flitting around. (The amount of work to keep one of these beauties going make me thank those doing it but also make those smaller craft so appealing!)

  • Avatar

    Gene Gilbert says:

    It is a small tradition in my family when crossing the Deer Isle Bridge we play Pink Martini music while traveling Deer Island, Brooklin, Sedgwick, and Cape Rosier….All are a little piece of heaven.

  • Avatar

    Eric Simes says:

    The lucky people of Maine probably don’t realize that this type of display is not available to the rest of us down under unless by such wonderful videos. Thank you well done.

  • Avatar

    Dorothy Zimmermann says:

    Enjoyed being in the middle of their ‘dancing’. thanks for posting and sending to me.

  • Avatar

    Kenneth Exworthy says:

    To a man who has sailed mostly 12 to 16 foot catboats and sloops, these schooners seem like something from another realm entirely. I can’t imagine the amount of keel and overall weight it must take to carry that amount of sail. Graceful and beautiful!

  • Avatar

    Bradley Pickard says:

    Thank you for another great video of beautiful vessels!!

  • Avatar

    Harvey Kerstein says:

    Beautiful and breathtaking, thanks for providing me with such pleasure again.

  • Avatar

    Nancy Faesy says:

    What a beautiful gaggle of boats. The reach is the most beautiful place in the world to have this gathering. Keep it up! Bob Faesy

  • Avatar

    Roelant Tops says:

    Like dancing the tango watching these schooners does it for me.

  • Avatar

    Lorentz Ottzen says:

    It is amazing that people are still sailing these wonderful Schooners. My hat is off to all the sailors that keep them going.
    Lorentz Ottzen.

  • Doug Robinson

    Doug Robinson says:

    Schooner’s absolutely the best way to travel…

  • Avatar

    Arthur Winer says:

    Count me among those wanting to see more videos of beautiful boats under sail. I’ve owned four sailboats over five decades and I’m too old now to build a boat myself, but one is never too old to enjoy seeing well found and beautiful boats of all kinds under sail. More videos along those lines would be appreciated.

  • Avatar

    Peter Marshall says:

    Love this, thanks!
    Years ago I was a deckhand on a 100′ City Island Schooner, Nordlys, what a boat…
    Anyone know if she is still in service? She chartered in Greece in the summer, BVI in the winter

  • Avatar

    Doug Duffield says:

    Very nice video well done! I too would like to see more videos of all different kinds of boats power and sail.
    Wooden Down East boats, west coast boats like Stitch. I watched that video many time. Well done keep up the good work.

  • Avatar

    Doug Duffield says:

    Well done! I too would like to see more videos of all different kinds of boats power and sail.
    Wooden Down East boats, west coast boats like Stitch. I watched that video many time. Well done keep up the good work.

  • Avatar

    George Ojdrovich says:

    Wow- thanks for this! I’d really like to see more videos of beautiful boats (of all sizes) under sail. While the instructional videos are great, some of us are not boat builders. So please add a few more sailing videos.

  • Avatar

    virginia aldridge says:

    We’ve missed two summers’ sailing thanks to COVID – thanks for the beautiful video!

  • Avatar

    John Fuller says:

    What a great, great video with music so befitting.

  • Avatar

    Roger Smith says:

    Beautiful ships. We don’t see many of these on the west coast of Canada.

  • Avatar

    Glenn Holland says:

    Well, that done me good, sittin here in NC waiting on a storm to blow through.


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