Preview: Restoring MINK, a 1914 Buzzards Bay 25, Part 2 – Mink’s Owner and Chief Researcher Weigh In

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MINK’s owner and her chief researcher weigh in on the renovation aimed at putting the 1914 Buzzards Bay 25 back exactly as she was when launched a century ago.

Buzzards Bay 25 MINK Builder plate
MINK’s builders plate was recovered from her previous owners to complete her restoration. Even its original rivets!

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4 Responses So Far to “Restoring MINK, a 1914 Buzzards Bay 25, Part 2 – Mink’s Owner and Chief Researcher Weigh In

  • Avatar

    Michael Glasfeld says:

    To the owner, restorers, researcher, and now the videographers – thank you. Thank you for doing important work. These boats are little celebrations of some
    of what the best that mankind can do. Like music, art, and literature, these beautiful artifacts deliver us indescribable joy. Your efforts at preserving and documenting them is so appreciated by so many of us.

  • Avatar

    Steve Branam says:

    Gorgeous! Looks like the sleek performance of a J-24 with the beauty of a wooden boat. What great fun she must be to single-hand!

  • Avatar

    Christoph Harlan says:

    How totally cool!!! I love this approach to discovering the soul of a perfect boat.

  • Avatar

    John Wujack says:

    Thank you for this and congrats to the preservationists. Absolutely fantastic!


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