Preview: Restoring Mink, a 1914 Buzzards Bay 25, Part 4 – A New Set of Old Style Sails

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In our final visit aboard MINK, we learn about the new suit of old-style sails made for the 1914 Buzzards Bay 25. Sailmaker Mark Butler, of James Lawrence Sailmakers in the UK, shows what it took to give MINK’s new owner the exact same feeling that the original owner had sailing her when the boat was launched in 1914.

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7 Responses So Far to “Restoring Mink, a 1914 Buzzards Bay 25, Part 4 – A New Set of Old Style Sails

  • Avatar

    Robi Warden says:

    The attention to detail and its history is to be admired and respected.

  • Avatar

    Owen Luck says:

    I wish I could find the next part Restoring Mink part 5 to watch. Seems the parts are scattered….

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Hi Owen. Below each video in a series you’ll find a little playlist entitled “Related Videos”, where the other parts of the series should be waiting for you in order. Part 4, however, is the final part in this series.

  • Avatar

    Thomas Dalzell says:

    I think that more specific information on sail making is desperately needed. There is a lot of general info, but not so much that there seem to be many people involved in it as a hobby. There are no forums on sail making, that I have found, that exist to make home sail making common. Yes there is Sailrite, and blogs on tarp sails, but the former is not cheaper than Asian sails, and the latter is not for the most part an alternative to “real” sails. There are free software sail design products, but they aren’t supported by easily available inexpensive sail cloth, or data bases of sail characteristics, or tables of basic features like draft % and location.

    There is no basic book that actually gets you making sails, as there are in for instance boatbuilding, though there is a certain lack of nuts and bolts even in boatbuilding, but at least materials, forums, books, and plans are relatively available. For instance I have boat plans that include detailed info on making the motor mount, and the trailer, but none that specify general characteristics of the sails, to the same degree of accuracy. Though info on motor mounts and trailers (where appropriate) is often scarce. This is a little odd on the sail side, given that the dacron sail business is pretty mature, and the full description of the plans for dacron sails is not a huge trade secret, and many of the makers have moved on to other materials, or seen the product outsourced to Asia. I guess there just isn’t demand.

    I have seen most other sports/hobbies with similar tight holds on information, blown open in recent years. But you can’t even usually buy sail cloth off Ebay (beware, there is some dacron that is not actual sailcloth, for sale there; and some cloth that you can buy at full retail, more expensively than the finished sail product).

    • Avatar

      Claas van der Linde says:

      The Sailmaker’s Apprentice: A Guide for the Self-Reliant Sailor by Emiliano Marino is a rather good and complete book on sailmaking, and is very strong on traditional sails.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Many thanks for the note about supplementary material in the HCR. I didn’t realize there was so much there. Fascinating. What a resource!

  • Avatar

    paul bayarinas says:

    these are great informative videos. i just retired at 73 years old, bought a 22′ sailboat & am learning a lot watching these video’s thank you


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