Preview: Sailmaking at Nat Wilson’s Loft, Part 2 – Laying Out the Panels

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Laying out panels in dacron sails and cutting for shape must be done smoothly as well as economically.

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8 Responses So Far to “Sailmaking at Nat Wilson’s Loft, Part 2 – Laying Out the Panels

  • Avatar

    Rod Sipe says:

    Hi Steve, Rod Sipe here, from that hotbed of traditional sailing, Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Oklahoma. No, My H-41 does not have a live well. I am nearing completion of Walt Simmon’s Christmas Wherry and need a sail. Can Nat help me make the build/buy decision. It wouldn’t’ hurt my feelings, at all, if I sported a Nat Wilson made sail, either.

  • Avatar

    Robert Stumm says:

    An excellent video. And the other three videos in this series are too. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I find it an absolute joy to watch true craftsmen (or women) at their work. While I have no intention of ever trying to make a sail from scratch, it is very interesting to learn about the techniques that are used, and skills needed, to make a good sail. Well done.

  • Avatar

    Matthew Wright says:

    Thanks for the great videos from Nat’s loft. I’ve done a little sailmaking, and the explanations are clear and the video captures the key points. Wonderful.

  • Avatar

    Ken McDonagh says:

    Wonderful insight to the sail makers craft…I am most pleased to see the best piece of equipment, the Eye-Crometer is still the most important part of the asthetic of the sail.

  • Avatar

    Daryl Koch says:

    videographer—–Please don’t move the camera so much. zooming in and out is not necessary and very distracting.

    Great information otherwise.

  • Avatar

    Chick Lanham says:

    I’ve always wondered how a sail was laid out. Does Nat make sails for every mast?

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Hi Chick. Not sure what you mean? Can you elaborate please?


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