Preview: Schooner BOWDOIN Gets a New Deck

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When OCH visited the schooner BOWDOIN to see the progress of her new deck, a job which called for the precise joining of heavy timbers, we were blown away by the skills shown by Andros Kypragoras and his crew of talented shipwrights.

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3 Responses So Far to “Schooner BOWDOIN Gets a New Deck

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    jim hilty says:

    A great video which coincides with reading the informative article by Joshua K. Moore, “Itinerate Gypsy Boatbuilders,” in Wooden Boat, 2016, Sept/Oct., No. 252, pp 72-81.

  • Avatar

    William McCaffrey says:

    Thanks for the discussion on the structural elements of the decking. I am always intrigued by the methods and structures used on these older vessels. What a challenge to get everything to come together in the end to produce a sharp, functional water tight deck. Maybe one day I will get the opportunity to work on such a project.

  • Avatar

    John Florance says:

    Working on the rather small scale that my limited experience has afforded, I find it amazing to think of how challenging it must be to deal with scantlings like those of Bowdoin. Her timbers are massive! Beautiful work!


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