Selecting Wood for Boat Building – A Few Basics

November 11, 2013

Here’s the introductory course on wood for boat building with Ted Pike.  Plan your needs, get your wood early, for the right stuff find a dealer who’s been at it for a while.

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9 Responses So Far to “Selecting Wood for Boat Building – A Few Basics”:

  1. Avatar Tony Jarvis says:

    The reality of “limited supply” of certain species is simply that those forests don’t exist anymore. We have cut them all down. Here on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, it is generally understood that we are down to the final 5% of Doug Fir and Red Cedar old growth forests. The old growth clearcutting continues despite calls for a moratorium.
    I have been a shipwright and cabinetmaker for 35 years and have played a role in this. In the past, I would seek out the best wood for my projects regardless of the source, But our magnificent forests are disappearing and I no longer have the stomach for this. Now I seek out lesser, second growth timbers and make it work. My customers largely come on board once they become aware of the issue.
    The lovely things we make with wood come at a price. Once the old growth is gone, its gone forever.

    Tony Jarvis
    Tony Jarvis Fine Yacht Carpentry
    Gabriola Island, BC

  2. Avatar Bruce Mason says:

    It’s odd he didn’t mention the primary reason I think most would use quarter sawn vs. plain sawn stock, better dimensional stability across the plank. Typically half the movement in response to changes in moisture content compared to plain sawn stock.

  3. Avatar Keith Pullin says:

    Great Vid, Thanks.

  4. Avatar martin schulman says:

    Great intro. We should all take heed of his comments about how so many of the woods he handles are becoming “somewhat limited” in supply. Translate that into “at the rate we are harvesting in ten years it will all be as expensive as teak”. Keep up the good work.

  5. Avatar Bill Bouldin says:

    Great information. Thanks!

  6. Avatar Ken Sloan says:

    Excellent introduction. How about a similar effort for veneer stock?

  7. Avatar Larry Cheek says:

    Really informative and useful.

    I’ve bought a ton (an exaggeration, but just barely) of sapele from Edensaw and have used it not only on my boat but also for furniture. It’s my favorite hardwood—exquisitely beautiful and varied grain, rich color when varnished, and easy to shape.

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