Preview: SHANTY, a Proper Little Boat

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Step aboard the gaff yawl SHANTY and meet her octogenarian skipper, who built her with his wife while living on one of New Zealand’s beautiful islands.

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44 Responses So Far to “SHANTY, a Proper Little Boat

  • Avatar

    John Dussia says:

    Great video, the boat and the builder are really special, I like his attitude,” I like to have little bits of string to pull”, that’s a line I’ll remember forever it’s the reason I sail, I like it too.

  • Avatar

    John Swansey says:

    Exquisitely beautiful boat, love the way she moves through the water in that last shot. Really great story, and profile of a man who seems to be having an enviable life, and is as far into boats as it is possible to be. Thanks for bringing this to us. Bravo!

  • Avatar

    Ryan Woofenden says:

    I think this is my favorite boat and video here on OCH, what a gem of a boat and a fantastic story! Captures the essence of sailing and the magic of wooden boats. Simply, safe, and sweet.

  • Avatar

    Peter Willcox says:

    Jim was a well respected Greenpeace skipper for a few years. I met him at Mururoa in 1985 when he was on the Breeze. I am glad to see he is still sailing.

  • Avatar

    David Hatfield says:

    Great Video, just ordered David McIntosh’s book!

  • Avatar

    Stewart Simpkins says:

    This video, SHANTY, a Proper Little Boat, is one of the examples of what keeps me around and smiling. The boat and the two guys are very nice.

  • Avatar

    George Hill says:

    A raised deck makes so much sense in a small boat, and the execution of this particular one is about the nicest I’ve ever seen.

  • Avatar

    david bond says:

    How would a fella get plans for that boat?

  • Avatar

    Peter Gossell says:

    Great video, Thanks Maynard. I also love Bud McIntosh’s book and his Yankee understatement, oh that it was more common today!

  • Avatar

    Gerrard O'Leary says:

    Agreed; a really nicely told story of a beautiful little boat, it’s builder/sailor and you just cant beat the very lovely Bay of Islands sailing waters! Cheers

  • Avatar

    Donald Lindsay says:

    It might be interesting for readers to have some background about the builder and an idea of his age while he was building. It could put into perspective what is possible. I sailed with Jim in 1987 or 88. He was a brilliant celestial navigator, good officer and shipmate always encouraging less politics and bullshit aboard, just an all-round great guy. Jim had the experience and confidence to be totally at ease sharing freely his considerable skills and knowledge.

  • Avatar

    Robert Von zuben says:

    great video gang, love the story and the visuals as well, I just love how the story evolves much the boat itself a great fit . well done to both OCH and builder/owner

  • Avatar

    Robert Mckeown says:

    Just beautiful! And that fellow is an inspiration! Great video!

  • Avatar

    Donald Jones says:

    Usually, its 12 hours of work for 2 hours of sailing and for this old gent its now 10 hours of work for 3 hours of elegant sailing, because he doesn’t have to service that fool engine.

  • Avatar

    edward demarco says:

    a lovely boat…in lovely surroundings…

  • Avatar

    Graham Churchley says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite videos on OCH, I loved the old guy’s attitude and story. I could just keep watching that final shot of this beautiful boat sailing away in a moderate breeze…

  • Avatar

    Robin Hilliard says:

    Lovely boat :-). Can’t believe I missed you when you were there, first time in BoI – our charter yacht could have been in the background of any of these shots.

  • Avatar

    tom laverty says:

    I think he said the planking was Kauri Pine, I thought no one can get that lumber for a decade or two. He must have his sources!!!
    I really enjoyed that, but would have like to have seen down below,
    Thanks keep more coming

  • Avatar

    Danny Doyle says:

    Great story, was lucky enough to do the same in Tasmania, not to that scale but a lovely Huon and King Billy Pine sailboat nonetheless. Keep the stories coming.

  • Avatar

    Bruce Cresser says:

    Wow what a sweet boat, and I love that it depends on sail and not some stinky engine.

  • Avatar


    Stop it… that is so good it hurts to watch I reckon.

  • Avatar

    Lorell Gienow says:

    Thanks for this……….beautiful, inspirational story about a resourceful couple and the creation and use of their lovely ship.

  • Avatar

    John Wujack says:

    Beautiful boat and video. Another OCH Home Run. Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Terry Smith says:

    “I feel it’s fun to have lots of strings to pull . . .” when answering Maynard’s question: “No engine?”

    It’s a cloudy, drizzling spring morning here in New Hampshire (where the ice on the Big Lake has been out a little over two weeks). OCH whisks me away to NZ and takes me for a sunny sail on a boat designed and built by a couple who really knows their stuff. Shanty barely leaves a ripple in her wake as she glides along. She’s got lots of “strings” to trim a collection of sails that (proportional to her size) seem to qualify for a ‘Big Ship” parade.

    Keep it up, OCH. Please — more of these wonderful glimpses you give us through a perfect choice of subject and your outstanding production values.

  • Avatar

    Stephen L. Clark says:

    As a 72 year old you guys show me it’s possible to do what I love into later life. Thanks Maynard. Steve

  • Avatar

    “I’m not about trying to make it easier.” Loved that quote and how, in context of discussing no engine, his irony stokes my soul’s longing for simplicity–craving his serenity. They’ve built a gem of a boat, life, love. Look forward to Maynard’s next find. Beautiful story, wonderfully crafted OCH!

  • Avatar

    Ginny Jones says:

    Really special — very inspirational. A great boat, a great story, great participants and a gorgeous location. Keep on sailing!

  • Avatar

    Stuart Wright says:

    She’s a little beauty. The builder/skipper is a real ‘old salt’. Wonderful tale. Thank you OCH.

  • suzan

    suzan says:

    Wow, what a little beauty! Great story of a sailor’s passion, a true love story between a man, a woman and a boat. I think that piece of the sea inspires such things~ _/)

  • Avatar

    Douglas Wilkin says:

    Just marvelous. In every way. The boat, the men, the film. What a treasure.

  • Avatar

    William McCaffrey says:

    Absolutely love self built boats! Proves that there are still good craftsmen among us that aren’t afraid to use their own hands. God bless boat builders and other fine craftsmen!

  • Avatar

    Dan Bouchard says:

    That parting shot! Wonderful, did you guys get a drone? I don’t know if I’m totally UTD with the videos, but that looked like a new trick… awesome!

      • Avatar

        John Stevenson says:

        Great video! The last shot WAS very sweet. Please tell us more, Steve.

  • Avatar

    Morgan says:

    That was a lovely slice of a sailors life. Thank you. Got to get that book.

  • Avatar

    Bill Simmons says:

    I’m just glad to know that guys like this still exist. Wife played a large part, too.

  • Avatar

    Ben Vette says:

    Thanks for that Maynard , it shows boating keeps you fit and active .
    Great video.

  • Avatar

    Norman NOLAN says:

    How do you guys find these inspirational people and their boats? Life wasn’t meant to be that easy! Great story.

  • Avatar

    Vernon Powell says:

    A lovely little wooden boat. NZ. Keeping it simple and most of all, living life. I hope I’m doing the same at that stage of life. Thanks Maynard


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