Preview: Shortcuts Shaping Complex Wooden Boat Pieces, Part 3 – Routing & Sanding the Curves & Tapers

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Eric Blake demonstrates routing and sanding shortcuts to the shape complex curves and tapers of wooden boat pieces.

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12 Responses So Far to “Shortcuts Shaping Complex Wooden Boat Pieces, Part 3 – Routing & Sanding the Curves & Tapers

  • Avatar

    Orlando Pelliccia says:

    I very much appreciate your videos but actually HATE the filing system. “Continued in part 4” you post, but “part 4” is nowhere to be found, or ‘part 21’, which actually doesn’t exist. Please post links to successive videos at the end of each video…if the next video is still in production…fine, simply say so. The videos are superb, well filmed, great text, all wonderful but I spend too much time looking for ‘the next one.’

    Thanks and you’re a blessing to someone stuck in Philadelphia for 10 months and dreaming of Belfast.


  • Avatar

    Lyle Russell says:

    Thanx Eric. Looking forward to part 4 and making the egg shaped handle.

  • Avatar

    Harvey Kail says:

    Very helpful to novice boatbuilder like me. I’m going to go through the entire series.

  • Avatar

    Neil Henderson says:

    Very useful video, it’s the tips such as the one for working the timber against the direction of the cutter that are very useful for newbies like me. I am in the process of rounding (with my router/trimmer) some ribs for a clinker boat I am building, ribs are are made from 4 laminations of spotted gum which we steam bent (I live down under). Bending the spotted gum was great fun!! Gum tends to tear a bit when routed…………

  • Avatar

    Ian Ritchie says:

    Excellent vid, and primer for the tiller I need to make soon!

    • Avatar

      Emma Mathis says:

      Hi Clay,

      We will be releasing Part 4 soon – so please stay tuned!

  • Avatar

    Jim Shepherd says:

    So interesting to watch Eric and Alex Brainerd do essentially the same boatbuilder’s task. Both highly skilled and doing beautiful work but quite different technique and schmee.

    • Stuart James

      Stuart James says:

      Very helpful, my first replacement for a broken tiller came up resembling a pick handle. New one under way at the moment is both tapered and elliptical transitioning to round before the rounded over, tapered handle ~ a big improvement aesthetically at least. Both made from 2 laminations of Aussie hardwood, first from spotted gum and second from Red Iron Bark. Come in at less than 1.5 Kg. The “pick handle” can live in the bilge as a spare.

  • Avatar

    Kevin Tisdall says:

    I just love seeing a master work. The router table / table saw extension is brilliant to someone like me but probably seems like just another way to get stuff done to a pro. Love this stuff. Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Reagan Tucker says:

    Outstanding video. A super job. thanks very much. is it necessary to pay much attention to grain direction?

    • Avatar

      Jos Verbaken says:

      Yes you need to pay attention to grain direction when routing to avoid tear out. Sometimes it’s better to leave material for finishing with hand tools such as a spokeshave as Eric did.


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