SILENT MAID – A Barnegat Bay B-Cat That’s Not Your Grandmother’s Catboat

February 14, 2018

When it comes to catboats, SILENT MAID, the Barnegat Bay B-Cat proves that all boats are not the same.

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LOA: 33′ 0″
Beam: 12′ 6″
LWL: 28′ 0″
Draft: 2′ 0″
Boat Type: B-Class catboat
Gross Displacement: 4,000 lbs.
Sail Area: 1,400
Sailmaker: Mark Beaton
Designer: Francis Sweisguth
Builder Name: Independence Seaport
Location Built: Philadelphia PA
Year Built: 2009


"A New SILENT MAID" by John Brady. WoodenBoat Magazine Issue #214, May/June 2010.

"Silent Maid: Loud Statement" By Gary Jobson. Cruising World - December 3, 2012.


2010 Eggemoggin Reach Regatta Results (PDF)

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17 Responses So Far to “SILENT MAID – A Barnegat Bay B-Cat That’s Not Your Grandmother’s Catboat”:

  1. Avatar Henry Veenhoven says:

    Wow, what a great boat and a great video. It looks so beautiful in all its details.

  2. Avatar Beau Vrolyk says:

    Great to see that our centerboard schooner isn’t the only wide and shallow design that surprises folks by winning races against the full keel boats. Great video and a beautiful boat.

  3. Avatar Thomas Maddigan says:

    I was fortunate to inspect the original SILENT MAID, before Peter bought her, and rather than restore her he replaced her. Still she toured Buzzards Bay one recent summer and raced head to head with KATHLEEN, Tim Fallon’s Beetle built C.C.Hanley designed 28’ cape cod cat. All in all a tied series. You should check her out also.

  4. Avatar Stephen LaJoice says:

    Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing, I’ll dream about this boat.

  5. Avatar William Sonntag says:

    I’ve raced against this boat in conditions that Henry described, you can touch her. The boat is a joy!

  6. Avatar Chris Robbins says:

    Barnegat Bay is my home sailing ground. Your boat is beautiful! Hope to see you on the water!

  7. Avatar Richard Whiting says:

    Sweet!!! As a kid, I raced LIGHTNINGS on Barnegat Bay. I remember seeing B-Cats and how fast they were. What a beautiful endeavor. Great video! Thanks.

  8. Avatar Eric Winter says:

    Mr. Colie is undoubtedly related to a legendary Bay Head sailor named Runnie (Runyon) Colie. According to campfire tales of my youth, Runnie once competed in a one-design event in which the skippers swapped boats all around for a series of races. Runnie was apparently better than his boat: he won every race except in his own boat, in which he finished second. In every other race, his boat came in last.

  9. Avatar Charlie McLaughlin says:


  10. Avatar Richard Van Heynigen says:

    Wow !

  11. Avatar peter strietmann says:


  12. Avatar Edward DeLaune says:

    Great Video. I LOVE this boat. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Avatar Jon Younghans says:

    OCH, great video! Henry was awesome with the commentary, narration and overall tour.
    And so chill with the boat at rest at the National Sailing Hall of Fame dock as compared to underway! He’s even better under way!

  14. Avatar Rusty Kellogg says:

    A beautiful boat . Thanks Henry for a great tour.

  15. Avatar Terry Smith says:

    Wonderful video about an amazing boat in an amazing class.

    My sailing roots are in Mantoloking on Barnegat Bay. I crewed once with Henry Colie’s father and numerous times in boats racing against him. The man was truly a wizard in any boat we ever saw him race. It’s quite apparent, in Henry’s case, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Watching him give us this close look at Silent Maid and her innards has been a real treat.

    Once again, OCH, hats off for this one.

  16. Avatar Thomas Klin says:

    THAT was amazing . . . thanks for creating and sharing another terrific production. tom

  17. Avatar Brian McCoy says:

    Do you use a dockside stationary crane for setting masts to get the engine out to race? How long does it take to remove and how long to replace? How many hands does it take?

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