Preview: Slow August – The Remote Island

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The quiet welcome of a remote island harbor can be a spiritual experience.  We feel a deep sense of gratitude to the land trust and caretakers who make visits to this island possible.  Be sure to see info on them below in Nav Further.

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24 Responses So Far to “Slow August – The Remote Island

  • Avatar

    Tom Keefe says:

    Best not talk too much about it; just be thankful when you discover these special places.

  • Avatar

    Russ Gilfix says:

    When I was a teen I was aboard a sailboat that put in for the night. We arrived near dusk, the only vessel in the small inlet.

    There was enough sun left to go ashore. As we slid into the inflatable one of us noticed that the rocks on the bottom were moving. The tide was low and the slowly changing light was playing tricks. But a second look proved true: the rocks were in fact moving. But no. They were not rocks. The entire area abeam the boat was a carpet of lobster. I won’t admit to anything more. Besides, I expect the statute of limitations is up by now.

  • Avatar

    Alan Boyes says:

    we are blessed to live only a 4 hour sail to this island, It’s a magical place. We had a wonderful view of a full eclipse of the moon,

  • Avatar

    Linda McKenzie says:

    Beautiful! Takes me back to my Moms hometown of Shediac, New Brunswick. So serene, just wonderful! Thanks for sharing!😊

  • Avatar

    Fred Neuschel says:

    Thank you. It’s not every day I see a video from paradise.

  • Avatar

    Eddie Hoffman says:

    Even though I have a beautiful CL Chester Yawl, I want to build the old boat next to the house. That boat takes me back to my childhood and a simpler time with out worry of getting it scratched, even if it is a bit heavy. Thank you as always for such a great video!

  • Avatar

    Ben Marris says:

    When you slow down and happiness catches up 😊

  • Avatar

    David Rawls says:

    Someone should paint that anchor scene! Thanks

  • Avatar

    Richard Hyatt says:

    The only thing that broke the peace when I spent a night anchored in the tiny “harbor” at this island was the following day’s low-altitude “bombing runs” that at the time were being conducted almost daily out of the now-closed US Naval Air Station at Brunswick, ME. The old wooden tower that was once used during wartime to listen for German U-boats as they charged their batteries overnight is now mostly gone, but was still being used as “ground zero” for new bomber trainees while I was visiting the island.

    • David Tew

      David Tew says:

      FWIW, the towers may have been used to ‘listen for German submarines’ but that wasn’t their original purpose. In 1896, the Life Saving Station was built at the south end of the narrow harbor that bisects this two-mile long island. A second tower was added a year later to help scan the horizon for distressed vessels on the east side of the island. Tales of German subs ‘refueling’ from black market boats described here:

  • Avatar

    David Yeowart says:

    Thats a nice spot, real sense of peace. love your videos.

  • Avatar

    Ian Douglas says:

    Thanks for the video, Steve. A great way to start my Sunday. So calm, it looks like stills!
    I bet you are glad that you have the EP Carry. Joe and Linda are having supply problems, but I am expecting delivery of mine(long shaft) this month sometime. Can hardly wait!
    Looks like perfect weather for this leg of your journey.

  • Avatar

    Brent Williams says:

    Absolutely beautiful, great place for a Sunday afternoon nap.


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