Preview: Slow August – Island Time

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The tent is set up, dinner is cooking, and you have the island all to yourselves. Nothing to do except smell the salt air, watch the tide flow in, and slow-sip a Sparklarita.

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33 Responses So Far to “Slow August – Island Time

  • Avatar

    Seymour Hamilton says:

    What’s a sparklarita??? Google just keeps sending me back to this page!

  • Avatar

    Geoffrey Adams says:

    I never even considered that I might get tired of emerald green clear waters and white sandy beaches with palm trees waving in the gentle gulf breezes but looking at this short video makes me think of going north. I may have been born in the south but I think I’m a northern boy at heart. Yes indeed, slow and easing up, just right.


    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      It’s Iain Oughtred’s Caledonia Yawl. Part 1 of our video series on how to build this boat takes a close up look at the design.

  • Avatar

    John Swansey says:

    Very meditative. I look forward to doing my version of that trip this summer. Would be nice to see where some of these idyllic places are on a map.

  • Avatar

    Kurt Lorenz says:

    In the midst of the chaos and bitter disappointment of the dumpster fire of environmental and social destruction going on in Washington and across the nation, “Start slow, and then ease up” has become a mantra for me. In the same sense as, “Think global but act local.” we all need to be reminded that there is only so much that we can do, and most of it is not far from our home base. Take a day or an afternoon here and there to just breathe and soak up the glory of it all. Take care of yourselves. We are useless as burned out husks.

  • Avatar

    David Ray says:

    Slow, easy and beautiful, yet time to work and sail on my boat. This is living.

  • Avatar

    mark monteverdi says:

    Just perfect in every way…thank you….August is like that slow and easy

  • Avatar

    Colin Higman says:

    Just coming in to spring in Victoria Australia. Looking forward to starting off slow.

  • Avatar

    Ron Breault says:

    Nice video and sound! I missed sailing around the Bay this August – next year!! Got some in July – and also ‘accidentally’ found the the OCH control center in Brooklin

  • Avatar

    Robert Wilson says:

    Mesmerizing. Really good video, beautiful.

  • Avatar

    Chris Dowling says:

    The slow August theme
    To me it’s about missing Maine missing working on boats be able to get up in the morning walk out to my workshop pick up where I left off, or simply have coffee and plan an afternoon sail. There’s something special about the smell of old wood being scraped or sanded it’s different than new wood, the salt, paint even a little dry rot all has a specific smell. The Joy of renewing repairing ready for the coming fall and the quiet it brings. That’s August slow down to me.

  • Avatar

    Harvey Kerstein says:

    Amazing, fantastic and thanks for your talent and willingness to create these masterful videos. 10,000 thanks, Harvey

  • Avatar

    Arne Ojala says:

    We did that 20 years ago. The beauty of Penobscot Bay, Carver Cove, Frenchboro, Mongegan, Swans are forever etched in my memory. I go there often in my thoughts, slow and easy.

  • Avatar

    Rod McLaren says:

    Thank you for this one – just the incentive I need to get out at least one more time overnight before we put the “Prairie Mermaid” to bed for the winter. As always, beautifully done.

  • Avatar

    John Bukowsky says:

    Is it actually possible? Does such a venue exist in these modern times? Can a person gently sail to an uninhabited Island, not privately owned, anchor in a peaceful cove, set up camp for the night and ease off? If so, it’s time to move back to Maine. As with all of your content, lovely dream building video. Well done.

  • Avatar

    Chris Methot says:

    Seriously, that should get the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing.

    • David and Margaret Tew

      David and Margaret Tew says:

      Yes, and the passing sound at the end of the transatlantic flight overhead was a good touch.

  • Avatar

    Donald Burton says:

    Boy I’d like to be the one sailing that boat and island hopping around the Maine coast!


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