Preview: Slow August – Penrhyn Evening

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A warm evening in the Cook Islands of the South Pacific.

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13 Responses So Far to “Slow August – Penrhyn Evening

  • Avatar

    Charley Humphrey says:

    How beautiful. Makes me look forward to evenings like that again

  • Drew Britten

    Drew Britten says:

    Ahh…the simple pleasures in life! Thanks Tom for the footage and Steve for the great edit.

  • Avatar

    Scott Haley says:

    Forgot where I was for a minute………thanks

  • Avatar

    Rick Pratt says:

    What a remarkable guy!

    He not only tackles a near impossible task, but is a fine writer and film maker!

    A very creative video.


    Rick Pratt

  • Avatar

    Lindsay Wright says:

    Wonderful video….it took four knots off my top speed. It takes more than money to live like that.

  • Avatar

    Beau Vrolyk says:

    In ’92 my family anchored right off that wharf. The kids were 5 and 8, and within seconds of hauling the dinghy up the beach, they were leaping from the jetty just as they continue to do. Our 5 days in Penrhyn were a joy and the kids were tearful to leave. Like every other island in our 5-year trip, we have longed to go back. Moments ago I sent this video to those two kids, now 37 and 40, and I’m sure they will share my longing to return. It’s a long sail from San Francisco to Penrhyn, but worth every second of time spent with family at sea. There is nothing like it.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Fun/amazing story, Beau. Thanks for letting us all in on that. I wonder if your kids remember that?

  • Avatar

    Ed Altonji says:

    Watching that couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks, Tom!

  • Avatar

    Walter Allan says:

    I wonder how many times Tom thought to turn around and head back to Penrhyn? Pretty idyllic.


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